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The second graders in Mrs. Varadarajan’s class worked diligently to write information books on self-selected topics about which they had some prior knowledge. They also did a bit of research on these topics, incorporating new knowledge into what they already knew.  The students actively engaged this project with some authors writing as much as 20 pages of text!!  Topics of expertise ranged from Dogs, Dolphins, Australia’s Animals, Caring for Tropical Fish, Elephants and Plants to Minecraft, Magnetism, Sports, Swimming and Islam. There was even one book on how to navigate 2nd Grade at Riverside and another one focused on cheese and cheesy treats. To celebrate their work, our class held an Expert Fair on the 13th of December, and all of our classroom parents attended, thus providing an authentic audience for these young writers. What’s more...we even organized a review writing contest for parents, which meant they had to read closely and write too!!!

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