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Riverside Math Night was a great success!  Parents and children visited 3 math stations and enjoyed some rich conversations about AIS, the math curriculum, and various games and resources.

1) K- 2nd grades visited the first station where Ms. Siegel instructed students to make beaded number lines (credit: Dr. Nikki Newton's math web site ideas) and then solve three problems using it.  Ms. Siegel provided the parents with handouts to explain different strategies for solving addition and subtraction problems, and we discussed how their children would benefit from utilizing manipulatives in the younger grades to perform addition and subtraction problems.    

2) A 2nd station hosted parents and students from grades 3-5.  Mrs. Kollipara shared strategies that she learned at DIMACS staff development and provided families with numerous hands-on games and activities.

3) Ms. Abbott ran that 3rd station that included several computers with math websites offering practice with multiplication and division, and she provided other games and handouts for families to use at home.  Also,  there was a table for make and take math games and handouts.  She also set up several computers with math websites that would help students with practicing multiplication and division.  

We hope that all of our families can join us next year!

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