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The students of Mrs. Varadarajan's class shared their favorite Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. quotes and then decided to create an interactive bulletin board to share these words of inspiration with the school.

They filled the bulletin board with words that inspired them and asked members of the community: "What inspires you each day to live your life differently? Which quote resonates with you?"

They invited students, teachers, instructional assistants, the lunch ladies, custodial staff and administrators to take in these inspiring quotes and place a sticker on the quote that speaks to them the most.

Some teachers brought their classes to the bulletin board to examine and discuss the quotes, while others stopped by as they walked the hallway to take in these powerful words.

Sometimes a student or teacher would be seen reading the words and savoring them, before placing a sticker on their favorite quote. There was a lot of buzz around the bulletin board not only around which was the most popular quote but also how powerful words can be to inspire an entire community.

Take a moment to enjoy some of these terrific quotes!

Photo of 4th grade bulletin board
photo of RS Bulletin Bd
Photo of 4th Grade bulletin bd
photo of Mrs. V's 4th grade bulletin bd
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