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Science Department

From the study of seeds and plants in Kindergarten through accelerated physics, genetics, sustainable horticulture and organic chemistry at Princeton High School, we offer a full spectrum of science courses designed to prepare students for a changing world. We want to instill in students a love of scientific inquiry, enable them to meet challenges, and to persevere to find solutions. For specific information about science courses offered at Princeton High School please consult our PHS Program of Studies.


School Gardens

Our vibrant school gardens provide hands-on learning experiences for a multitude of classes, from art to science. The lessons our school gardens provide range from teaching students how to plant, tend, and harvest fresh fruits and vegetables to studying prey and predator relationships within a garden ecosystem. Our garden educators work with students to care for each school's garden and teach students how to make a garden thrive.

Advancing a Course Level

High school students may be able to advance a course level in science. Please review the PHS Program of Studies and contact the Supervisor of Science for additional information. 

Princeton High School Student Research Symposium

Friday, June 9th, 2023 PHS Performing Arts Center (PAC) Lobby Senior Recognition Program at 8:30a Poster Sessions beginning at 9:30a Parents, Caregivers, and Mentors Welcome.

Princeton High School Student Research Symposium


Princeton University Materials Academy (P.U.M.A.) Application

Click here to download the application.

Please email completed and signed application to Dr. Daniel Steinberg at

PHS 3-Year Research Program

The PHS 3-Year Research Program has an enrollment application process for students that begins in December of each academic year for the upcoming school year. This program is geared towards students who are interested in pursuing independent research projects. All current freshmen are eligible to apply. Additional but limited opportunities exist for students to apply as sophomores. Students who apply should be independent and highly motivated to pursue a research project. Please contact Ms. Katz, Ms. Smolyn, Mr. Smirk or Mr. Eastburn with any questions. 

Summer 2023 Opportunities

Summer Science learning at PHS offers students opportunities to explore STEM subjects as guided inquiries. Students are expected to collaborate with peers and educators as they develop skills and preview courses for the upcoming school year.

PHS Summer Accelerated Chemistry Program

PHS Summer Bridge Program




Dr. Joy Barnes-Johnson, 6-12 Supervisor of Science
609.806.4280 x 3660


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