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English Language Learners

We are a diverse, multicultural school district and we provide support students who are learning English. Whether English is your second or third or fourth language, our English Language Learners (ELL) program provides opportunities that will help you succeed as a student in the classroom and integrate into our schools and community. 

Students often participate in small classes designed specifically for English Language Learners. The focused attention that students receive in these small ELL classes helps students quickly expand their knowledge of written and spoken English. Through the ELL program, students gain the skills to not only be able to converse with classmates and teachers, but also complete high-level academic assignments in English. By learning English through academic content areas, such as social studies, math, science, and literature, students are able to progress in their studies while developing proficiency in English.

We strive to create a learning environment that values and fosters bilingualism and which respects the cultural and linguistic heritages represented in the community. We use WIDA (World-Class Instructional Design and Assessment) English Language Development standards to measure and support our success. In collaboration with the general education program, our English Language Learner program delivers comprehensive instruction.

Who Qualifies

When a new family registers their child in the Princeton Public School District, they will be asked to identify the language(s) spoken by their student and in their home. If a language besides English is spoken at home, a bilingual or English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher will complete a language screening with the student. The screening will indicate a student's proficiency in listening to, speaking, reading, and writing English. A student may also need to take a formal language proficiency assessment.

If it is determined that a student would benefit from receiving ELL instruction, the district will send a letter home to parents that will include information on how the program will meet that student's specific needs and what the exit requirements are for the ELL program. Parents may decline ELL services if they choose, but all students must be screened. 


Liaisons and ELL Teachers

Liliana Clotilde Morenilla, Bilingual Parent Liaison

Trinidad Rodriguez, Parent Education and Outreach Coordinator

Alicia Mykolajtchuk
Community Park Elementary School

Ruby (Rabab) Moosavi, ESL
Johnson Park Elementary School

Ted Holsten, ESL
Littlebrook Elementary School

Jennifer Lennon, ESL 
Riverside Elementary School

Yang Chieh Lee, ESL
Princeton Middle School

Anna Rose Gable, ESL
Princeton High School

Karen Gates, ESL
Princeton High School


Priscilla Russel, District Supervisor of World Languages, ESL/Bilingual and Dual Language Immersion Programs
609.806.4280 x 3252