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Basic Information

In order to uphold our commitment to the safety and security of our students, staff and extended community, we have developed the following visitor protocol scheduled for full implementation beginning in October 2019. We appreciate your support in this effort.

General Visits 

1. Visitors arriving during student arrival or dismissal periods must, except in a medical or other true emergency, wait until all students have entered or departed the school before entering the building and proceeding to the security desk or the main office to check in. 

2. Visitors wishing to meet with a member of our staff are highly recommended have a prior appointment. A visitor without a prior appointment may experience a longer wait as they are screened through the process.

3. Visitors should press the outside buzzer. When a school official responds, visitors shall state the purpose of their visit and specify with whom they have an appointment. After our office staff have confirmed the visitors’ appointment, the visitor shall be buzzed into the vestibule. 

4. Visitors will check in with school officials at the security desk or school designated area. 

5. Visitors will present identification to verify who they are. Identification may include State-issued driver’s license, a Military ID, a non-driver’s New Jersey State license or a Mercer County ID card. School personnel will sign the visitor into the Visitor Management System, and the visitor will have their picture taken. A visitor pass with a picture, date/time stamp, and who they will be seeing will be provided to the visitor. 

6. Visitors may then enter the building or may be escorted to their final destination.

7. Visitors must not hold the door open for others behind them. To ensure the safety of our schools, we seek to screen each visitor individually through our buzzer system.

8. After the visit is complete, visitors must check out of the building with school officials at the security desk or in the main office and return their visitor pass.

Early Pick-Up 

Those picking up their children early will notify the office prior to dismissal. Notification may be submitted by writing, e-mailing, or calling the main office. The student will be brought to the office to be picked up. 

Dropping Forgotten Items at School 

Those dropping off an item, please label it correctly with the child’s first name, last name, and grade level. The individual will press the outside buzzer, explain to the school official who they are what they are dropping off, and place the item on the cart in the vestibule or school designated area. To drop off an item, it’s unnecessary to sign into the visitor management system or come into the school. A school official will retrieve items and ensure they arrive at their intended destination with the appropriate person.

Additional Notes 

A visitor is any individual who intends to be in the building for a meeting, classroom visit, contracted work, and/or class or school event. 

If an individual is uncooperative, does not adhere to procedures, becomes threatening, or is identified on the Sex Offender Database, school officials shall notify school administrators and may call the Princeton Police Department for assistance if needed. 

A visitor needs to have an identification to enter the building. If they do not, they will be required to go back and get it before entering the building and they will be delayed in the screening process. 

Visitors who do not have a state-issued driver’s license, a Military ID, or a non-driver’s New Jersey State license may acquire a Mercer County ID card as identification. For those using a Mercer County ID card, school personnel with give the visitor a barcode sticker to affix to the back of the card to use with the visitor management system. 

For more information on Mercer County IDs click here.

For more information on IDs from the Latin American Legal Defense and Education Fund click here.

We thank you for your cooperation and support as, together, we create a safe and secure environment, one in which each student will thrive.