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Updated September 2

Dear Families - 

We are excited to welcome everyone back to school on Tuesday, September 6th. Please remember that school starts at 8:25 AMWhen students arrive on the first two days, they should report directly to their PAWS classes for school-based activities related to school community, schedules, lockers, tours of the building, and expectations. To support goals linked to executive functioning, we are also excited to bring back paper planners for all students and they will be handed out during these first two days. Our student planners also contain our student handbook which provides a wealth of information about our school and the wonderful opportunities we offer.

Click here to view our current handbook.  

Upon arrival, students should report to the main entrance and will be allowed to enter the building starting at 8:10AM, unless they would like to take advantage of our morning breakfast which will begin at 7:50AM.  Breakfast is in the cafeteria, and students wishing to have breakfast can enter directly through the cafeteria doors at the back of the building.  Students reporting for breakfast will remain in the cafeteria until dismissed by staff. 

Lockers will be issued this year and we are expecting students to use this resource. Regular backpacks will not be permitted to be carried from class to class and should be stored in lockers. However, students will be allowed to use a smaller, drawstring bag to carry their school-issued device. We would also like to remind you and your student that cell phones should be kept in their locker during the school day. 

Schedules should be available to families on PowerSchool. In order to view the schedule, you must have completed the mandatory district forms. Please note, if your child is signed up for Mandarin class it will not begin until Monday, September 12th

Picture day will be held on September 7th, 8th and 9th during Social Studies classes. Please click here for the picture day flyer. 

We are excited to see everyone in-person for Back to School night on September 15th. This event will be held from 6PM to 8PM. Mandarin students should arrive at 5:30PM to meet with their teachers. More detailed information will be distributed during the first week of school.  

We hope everyone has a restful weekend. Teachers, counselors, secretaries, custodians, and administration have been working diligently in preparation for the school year. Again, please be reminded that school starts at 8:25AM.

Have a great weekend!

Princeton Middle School Admin Team

Jason Burr, Principal
Ebony Lattimer, Assistant Principal
Stephanie DiCarlo, Assistant Principal

August 22, 2022

Dear Princeton Middle School Families:

It is an honor to be able to greet you with this letter as we prepare to begin the 2022-23 school year. We are looking forward to working with your children and we want to assure you that everyone at Princeton Middle School is dedicated to making this year an amazing educational experience for each of our students.

In a recent article written by Tyrone Howard in Education Week, he writes: “Schools need to be places where students laugh, learn, explore, talk, think, create, imagine, dream, and feel good about themselves and others.”

All of this is true. It is why we emphasize “the whole child” approach. Our middle school students are growing academically, developmentally, and socially at a rapid pace. It is why we offer not only a robust curriculum filled with engaging core classes, but also an astonishing array of exploratory classes, Music and Fine Arts, Sports, and a host of after school clubs. Last year, not everyone reacclimated quickly to the demands of a full school day. Relationships with peers, working with teachers, expectations for how to navigate and engage within the school building, and homework assignments were challenging; it took time for some to re-establish work habits. I am pleased that we remained open and in-person for the entire school year last year. But learning, friendships, and success do not come exclusively from "showing up." It takes work.

This year, I am expecting that we will come back ready to work, and not exclusively on our schoolwork. We should be working daily on our ability to be kind, accepting of others, and willing to be part of this great team that we call Princeton Middle School. This summer, we have worked collaboratively with staff to design lessons that will help students reacclimate to the school environment this fall. My advice to families has remained the same for 13 years: Encourage your child to participate fully in the school culture and the wide variety of opportunities available to our students. It is a full and successful year if your child is not only academically engaged but also loves the culture of the school which they are not only part of but can also help to shape. We can agree that it is everyone’s right to be part of a positive and uplifting school culture, but it is also everyone’s responsibility to be a conscientious and contributing member of the school community.

To develop strong partnerships, school and home must both be committed to working together to best assist our children. I am proud to welcome our new Assistant Principal, Ms. Ebony Lattimer to Princeton Middle School.

Ms. DiCarlo and I are both grateful to have this opportunity to build this new partnership. Ms. Lattimer will be working closely with 7th grade students and families. Each year, I take this opportunity to welcome several new staff members dedicated to forming and cultivating new partnerships:

Ilene Addonizio: (PMS will have two nurses in 22-23!)

Angelo Costagliola,  7th Grade Counselor
Shauna Evans,  8th grade Special Education English
Abigail Fisch,  SORCE, SERVE, SPEAK
Ratika Gupta,  Instructional Assistant
Seokchun Kang,  Instructional Assistant
Leena Kulkarni,  Instructional Assistant
Wendy Merendino, Special Education Science
Rama Nagasubramaniam, Instructional Assistant
Michael Pappas,  Instructional Assistant
Herberth Rodriguez,  Instructional Assistant
Janan Yormaz,  Instructional Assistant

Please enjoy these last moments of summer. I look forward to an opportunity to shake your hand at Back to School Night (Thursday, September 15th), which will take place in person once again this year.

Best Wishes,

Jason Burr


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