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Princeton Middle School News

Dear Princeton Middle School Families,

We are excited to welcome in the month of October and Anti-Bullying month. This week is the Week of Respect. We will have some highlighted activities each day to put a spotlight on our commitment to the Week of Respect.

We strive to teach our students to respect themselves and one another.

As we continue to reacclimate to a full day of school filled with learning, working with teachers, and meeting new friends, our students are still adjusting to the demands of "live" school; getting to class on time, remembering boundaries, resisting the temptation to use social media within the school day are all challenges we are working to overcome.

  • In a week where we have just held Back to School Night, I remind all of our families that we need to work together to encourage the kind of respectful behavior we want to see in school.
  • We pledge to continue to listen to our students, respect each individual, while warmly demanding their attention to building a safe culture and community.
  • A safe school culture is the responsibility of each member of the school community. 

We will celebrate the first day of the Week of Respect, with Hat Day. We are committed to Keeping a Lid on Bullying. 

However, at the conclusion of tomorrow's school day, Princeton Middle School will be instituting a "No hat, No hoods," policy for the remainder of this school year.  Certainly, these items may be worn to school. However, students will not be able to wear hoods or hats in the building. 

As we strive to get to know our students, hoods, hats, and masks continue to encourage our students to withdraw from fully entering our school community.

As it is our goal to embrace, know, and "see" each individual, we are happiest when we see the person and the smiles behind the masks.  Of course, we remain open and sensitive to anyone who wears a head covering due to religious observances, or out of health circumstances.  

In addition, this is a reminder to all of our families that:

  • Cell phones are not permitted for use in the school building, and they should be safely secured in back packs.
  • Getting to class on time is an expectation. We believe that school and home are both invested in learning and should work together to ensure prompt arrival to class.
  • Our efforts to "give" an extended picnic lunch each day, to properly give our students a chance to take a "break" should be met with willingness to be cooperative, pick up trash, and be kind.
  • Students are expected to respect one another. What we say and what we type in conversations should be helpful not hurtful. We understand that students are re-learning how to interact with each other and we will continue to assist wherever we can. 

Reminder: Tomorrow only, hats and hoods are permitted at PMS as we Keep a Lid on Bullying.

I have my hooded Buffalo Bills sweatshirt ready for tomorrow after another big win! My Yankees hat is ready for the post-season! 

I hope our students will join me on Monday with hats and hoods as we "Keep a Lid on Bullying."

Jason Burr

Flyer for PMS Week of Respect Oct 4-8
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