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Princeton Middle School News

Dear Princeton Unified Middle School Families:

On Wednesday, Dr. Galasso addressed all PPS families with updated plans for expanded instruction and an overview of plans across the district.

I would like to take a moment to specifically address the families of Princeton Unified Middle School to add some additional information about re-opening plans at PUMS which go into effect beginning tomorrow, Monday (3/15).

*Fridays are a day of Hybrid Instruction for the remainder of the school year beginning Friday (3/19).

Fridays are no longer designated as "Remote." At present, we are still operating on our Cohort A/B system, and therefore, for the upcoming week, our B cohort will be in-person on Friday. School will still dismisses at 1PM at the conclusion of Block 4. 

*Effective Monday (3/15), students will be required to attend our Targeted Assistance/Extended Learning/Asynchronous Work Period from 2-3:10PM.

"In-person" students will be dismissed at 1PM at the conclusion of Block 4. After a one-hour break for lunch and travel, both hybrid and remote students will now be required to log into their Community Period at 2PM.  

Attendance will be taken, and students will be required to fill out a "student planning" form that indicates how they will be engaged in their schoolwork from 2:00-3:10PM.

Students are required to have their computer open.

If invited by a teacher for targeted assistance students are required to attend. 

Students are NOT required to be on Zoom during this time but must be present at "check in and check out" and respond to a teacher's request to meet.  A student may also have a pre-arranged meeting set up to be on zoom for extra help with their teacher. Otherwise, there is only a commitment to Zoom to "check-in" at 2PM and to "check out" at 3PM with their Community Period teacher.  Students not summoned to a "Zoom meeting," should use this time to complete asynchronous work and to complete their assignments. Teachers will also have an extension activity for their classes to work on over the course of a week that can be found on each teacher's Canvas page. 

By further defining this time from 2-3:10PM, we remain committed to offering our students assistance. By utilizing our community period structure, we are creating small groups better able to assist with executive functioning while providing structured time for work to be completed.  

Please see the chart and the graphics that help to explain the ways that this time can be positively utilized and the daily schedule overview:  

PUMS schedule
PUMS schedule

*Plans continue to develop for bringing additional students back to school.

We have seen many requests from students who have been remote for the past year and throughout the entirety of the pandemic, who have expressed that they would like to return for the 4th Q. To put it simply, we are delighted. Roughly 100 students who have been "all remote" intend on returning in-person for the 4th Q. 

*While this was originally slated to begin during the 4th quarter, we have an important update: 

  • Returning C cohort students returning to Cohort A will now begin attending school on 3/22. 
  • Returning C cohort students returning to Cohort B will now begin attending school on 3/29.

In addition, we have been carefully analyzing and scrutinizing our enrollment numbers to design plans for "combining cohorts."  We are paying close attention to the evolving guidelines from the CDC and to the recommendations of the Princeton Board of Health, and our school physician. 

*Important updates about sports and clubs will be forthcoming.

*Please fill out the daily health screener promptly each morning. 

C Cohort students who are returning have already begun seeing the screener earlier each morning. Please let's continue to emphasize transparency and caution as you complete the form.

We will hold an evening meeting this Thursday, (3/18), at 7PM to review and discuss this plan for expanded instruction.  

In August, we held a webinar designed to explain our plans for the opening of school.  We will continue to be transparent and communicative as we shift our schedules and welcome back more learners to school.

Jason Burr, Stephanie DiCarlo, Tim Charleston 

  • Princeton Unified Middle School