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Health and Physical Education

The quality of our lives is directly related to the quality of our social, emotional, and physical health, and the healthful practices we learn as children are often the ones we maintain into adulthood. Our Health and Physical Education classes center on teaching children to become productive, healthful citizens by supplying them with the tools, knowledge, and support needed in order to establish positive, lifelong health and wellness habits. Our curriculum is designed to be inclusive of all children and connects and demonstrates the interconnected relationship between physical activity, good nutrition and health. These classes play an important role in developing important social-emotional skills in students, including self-management skills, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making skills.
Physical Education classes provide a learning environment where students develop the knowledge, skills, physical fitness, social qualities and attitudes that enhance their quality of life and sense of well-being. Students engage in developmentally appropriate and inclusive games and activities that emphasize cooperation, sportsmanship, skills, and strategies. 

Health classes provide a safe environment for students to engage in learning about topics related to nutrition, health, and wellness.


The mission of the Health and Physical Education Department is to prepare students to lead healthy active lifestyles that promote physical, social, and emotional wellness. 


Brian Dzbenski, Supervisor of Health and Physical Education