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Service Learning

As part of our mission to, “Prepare all of our students to lead lives of joy and purpose as knowledgeable, creative and compassionate citizens of a global society,” PHS graduation requirements include a 50-hour commitment to community service or career exploration activities.  Princeton High School is committed to creating a culture of community service and our school offers a variety of programs and activities that suit all schedules and interests.

Service Learning and Community Service Goals

To provide opportunities for students to discover their passions, deepen their learning, and develop their empathy, while answering a call to action in our community.

Adding Community Service/Career Awareness Hours in x2VOL

  1. Login to x2VOL (
  2. Complete the registration screens (use password retrieval if you cannot log in to an account you created)
  3. Click Opportunities and Projects on the top of the page
    • Click My Activity Log
  4. Click Create New
    • Add Activity Name
    • Add Description
    • Add Activity Contact Info - Your direct supervisor email
      • Cannot be a parent
      • Should not be Dr. Dinan
      • Should be your project leader (either PHS Community Service Leader or Site supervisor from the non profit)
    • Add Hours - Add hours in a grouping of week or month FIVE OR MORE HOURS please. (If less, wait for the next volunteer session to end!)
  5. Answer short reflection question
  6. Click on organization goals
  7. Click on disclaimer
  8. Hit Submit

Hitting Submit sends an email to your site supervisor to verify. Once the hours are verified by the supervisor, Dr. Dinan and the community service committee can approve the hours.

If your hours are not verified within 3 weeks, the submission will be denied so that you can resend to your supervisor - you can resend as is.

If you do not include information on the dates or include the incorrect email/supervisor your submission may be denied (You will need to create a new one, it cannot be edited)

Service Learning in PHS Classes

PHS offers multiple opportunities for students to complete some service hours within the school day. Community agencies work with PHS teachers to create meaningful opportunities highlighting school curriculum.

Classes currently offering service opportunities: Graphic Arts, English, Algebra, ESL, Biology 

PHS Gives Back (#Phsgivesback)

PHS Gives Back is a series of community service activities offered by PHS Student Council, the PHS Community Service Stakeholders Team, and interested teachers for students during the PHS School Day. Three times a year, more than 500 students participate in a variety of service activities benefitting local and national organizations. 

Activities Offered During the 2018-2019 School Year

  • The Peyton Manning Hero Project (Super Hero Capes for Children in Hospitals)
  • Pet Beds and Toys for SAVE
  • Operation Gratitude (Supporting our Veterans) 
  • Birthday and holiday boxes for Arm in Arm
  • Partnership with Princeton Police for Safe Driving
  • Preparing utensils for TASK
  • Holiday Cards for local senior centers
  • #PHSrocks
  • Coloring books for recovery centers 

Princeton High LINC Program

PHS offers a leadership program that allows students to continue their service to the community as program coordinators working directly with sophomores students. Students can apply to lead a project in March of their Sophomore and/or Junior year.


Dr. Andrea Dinan, Director of Service Learning and Experiential Programs
609.806.4267 x 1