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Peer Group

The mission of the Peer Group program is to support the transition of students from middle school to high school. The PHS Peer Group program consists of seniors who were selected and trained to serve as Peer Group leaders to the Freshmen class. Our Freshmen class is broken into 30 groups, with two/three Peer Group leaders per group. Peer Group will meet on F cycle days.  

Peer Group leaders will also be guided by their teachers/advisors throughout the school year.  Some curricular topics will include academic achievement, electronic device safety, time management/goal setting, critical thinking, and effective communication.  It is the programs goal to connect with freshmen and help freshmen become connected to their school, and invested in their education through seminars, outreaches, and special events.

Peer Group Application


Peer Group Coordinator- 

Peer Group Advisors- Christian Gonzalez

                                      Johanna Hunsbedt

                                      Joyce Jones

                                      Doug Levandowski

                                      Valerie Rodriguez

                                      Aaron Thayer