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About Princeton High School

Princeton, a central New Jersey community of 30,000, has in recent years grown beyond its traditional identification but has not outgrown its traditions. For over 250 years, Princeton University has symbolized the community's values of education and culture. Princeton High School reflects the lifestyle of a community that takes pride in its continuing tradition of academic and cultural achievement. The richness of its academic programs, extensive club and student-run activities, and athletics programs assists in preparing its students to be citizens of the world. This whole-student approach reflects the view that learning is not classroom-bound. Moreover, our students are encouraged to view themselves as valuable citizens of this community of learning. 

Princeton High School reflects the values of a community that takes pride in its continuing tradition of academic and cultural achievement. We have worked hard to ensure that all our programs reflect our students?abilities and aspirations. Approximately 1,521 students choose from 260 course offerings. More than 70 percent of our students participate in advanced placement or accelerated programs. We supplement these courses with extensive elective offerings in the arts, humanities, and the sciences. 

Special programs focus on student enrichment and are designed to form a web of support for all students. Our Learning-in-the-Community and School-to-Career programs help students become aware of community resources, explore careers, improve communication skills, and provide community service. Our Big Brother/Sister course trains selected seniors to serve as resources for other students. The Career Awareness/Community Service program educates students to organize and lead sophomore groups in career and community-service projects. Our Peer Group mentors teach selected seniors to be student leaders for groups of freshmen in problem-solving activities, group discussions, and student-bonding activities. Peer Group agenda topics reflect issues faced by teens today. The PHSIdeas Center provides free tutoring services to all students in all academic areas, provided by university students, high school student peer tutors and highly qualified community volunteers. Our Dean of Students continues in her work to create personal learning plans for students in need and to ease the transition of all students into high school, as well as help students to cope with academic, social or personal needs. Princeton High School fields teams in 25 sports and sponsors award-winning student publications, acclaimed performing groups in vocal and instrumental music, math, Model United Nations, debating teams, over 100 clubs devoted to specialized interests and over 40 community service groups. 

The most competitive colleges seek Princeton High School students. Approximately 86% of our graduates continue their education in four-year colleges and an additional 13% continue their education in a post-secondary setting. Honored by numerous national organizations for excellence, Princeton High School is truly "a place of learning." Princeton High School is often named one of America's top 100 public high schools in national news publications. The population of Princeton High School reflects a wide diversity.

Students in PHS represent all major racial and cultural groups (5.0% African American, 20% Asian, 6.0% Hispanic, 59.0% Caucasian, 10% other). This cultural richness has contributed to the maturity of the student?s acceptance of others. A goal of Princeton High School is committed to enhancing the educational experience of its minority population. 

91 percent of the AP scores were 3 or higher from the 1,481 tests administered. Our students have been included in the highest SAT I groupings in the nation. Our 2014 mean Critical Reading Score was 613; our mean Writing Score was 617; and our mean Math Score was 637; for a combined mean of 1867. Princeton High School continues to be ranked as one of the top schools in the state. Princeton High School is committed to preparing our students for the challenges and demands of an exciting future. Through the increasing use of technological innovations, analyzing the use of instructional time, and nurturing a climate of professional dialogue, Princeton High School offers the best educational opportunities to its students.

Our students have earned many honors. The class of 2014 included 19 National Merit Semi-Finalists and 47 Commended Scholars. Of the 616 PHS students who took the May 2014 Advanced Placement examinations, 331 received Advanced Placement Scholars Awards: 182 were Scholars with Distinction, 58 were Scholars with Honor, and 91 were Scholars. In addition, 54 Princeton High students qualified for the Advanced Placement National Scholar Award.

Fast Facts

Curriculum:English, Math, Science, American History, World History, World Languages, Physical Education/Health, Visual/Performing Arts, 21st Century Life & Career, Career Awareness

Advanced Placement:Art History, Biology, Calculus AB/BC, Chemistry, Computer Science, English III, English IV, Environmental Science, European History, French, Government & Politics, Italian, Japanese, Macroeconomics, Mandarin, Microeconomics, Music Theory, Physics I/C, Spanish, Statistics, United States History, World History Accelerated: Algebra II, Algorithms and Data Structure, Astronomy, Biology I, Chemistry I, Geometry, Intro to Computer Science Using JAVA, Multivariant Calculus and Linear Algebra, Object Oriented Program using JAVA, Oceanography, Organic Chemistry, Pre-Calculus, Sociology

Clubs (a sampling):Anime, Art, Asian American, Badminton, Chess, Classical Music, Colmar Exchange,Creativity for Kindness, French Cinema, French Honor Society, Gay Straight Alliance, HomeFront, Horticulture, Japanese, Junior Statesmen of America, Knitting for Needs, Latin, Mock Trial, Model United Nationals, Numina Gallery, Odyssey of the Mind, Pettoranello/Princeton Cultural Exchange, Photography, PHS Can Awareness, PHS Computer & Robotics, PHS Do Something, PHS for Autism Speaks, PHS Futsal, PHS Operation Smile, PHS Ping Pong, PHSRed Cross, PHSTrue Blue, Princeton Democrat, UNICEF, Princeton Republican, Psychology, Science Olympiad, Space Settlement, Spanish, Spectacle Theatre, Speech and Debate, Spork, Film, The Ivy, The Prince, The Tower, Tiger Squad

Fall Sports:Cheerleading, Boys/Girls Cross Country, Field Hockey, Football, Boys/Girls Soccer, Girls Tennis

Winter Sports: Boys/Girls Basketball, Boys/Girls Ice Hockey, Boys/Girls Swimming, Boys/Girls Winter Track, Wrestling, Fencing

Spring Sports:Baseball, Softball, Golf, Boys/Girls Lacrosse, Boys/Girls Spring Track, Boys Tennis 

School Information

Princeton High School
151 Moore Street
Princeton, NJ 08540

Phone: 609.806.4280
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