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UPDATE: PHS will be all remote until January 19. Here is the updated PHS calendar.

photo of the PHS calendar


December 21, 2020 

Dear PHS Students, Staff & Families,

In January, as previously planned, we will be adding formal instructional time on Fridays. The attached schedule is the product of weeks of collaboration among administration, teachers and students.

Based on feedback from the past few months of remote and hybrid learning, staff and students came together to discuss what they liked about the current schedules and what changes they think could improve the students' learning experiences.  

PHS's motto is Live to Learn & Learn to Live, and this situation demonstrates that value. While we don't want to keep implementing changes, we also don't want to stay with a schedule when we acknowledge it can be improved upon.  Our staff and students have collected data such as information on grades, attendance and personal anecdotes. Our team listened and evaluated current practices and reimagined what could provide an even better learning experience for our students. Self-guided, asynchronous learning works very well for some students, but there are a number of students for whom more formal, synchronous instruction is needed, and this was prioritized as it is in line with the district's values.  

I will continue to work with a team of teachers and students to gather ideas for best practices during hybrid and remote learning.  I also plan to work with department supervisors to present various models of using breakout rooms on Fridays so that some students may work alone, while others work in small groups.  This may give our teachers the opportunity to check in with all students and still be able to provide personalized support to students who request it. 

To summarize the schedule...

-Our hybrid schedule of 8:20-1:00 will not change.  

-Our remote schedule, whether it be in place on Monday-Thursday or Friday will begin at 9:00.  This allows for consistency in the remote start time despite the day of the week.

-The district will be all remote January 4th-January 11th; please refer to the updated schedule and calendar and note 1/11 is a Professional Development day and we will follow the Friday F day schedule with no office hours taking place in the afternoon.  

-Once we return to the Hybrid schedule, Fridays will continue to be All Remote and instruction will occur from 9:00-2:00 including by Peer Group & Community Service.

I am grateful to be the principal of a school where students and staff come together to problem solve.  This schedule was a collaborative effort and a great demonstration of how our staff and students make the PHS community so great.  

I wish everyone a restful break, and I look forward to seeing you in 2021.

Most sincerely,

Jessica Baxter
PHS Principal

January schedule updated 12.21.20


Photo of Monday to Friday schedule


Photo of Hybrid Learning Schedule


Photo of schedule





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