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Last week, Minority Student Achievement Network (MSAN) Scholars from Princeton High School met with Superintendent Carol Kelley in the new wing of the high school where a portion of the new space is dedicated to the Resource Office for Access, Renewal, and Equity, also known as the ROARE Center. 

"It's a place to inspire academic achievement,  provide college prep support, celebrate the diversity of our school and a place where students feel a sense of belonging,” said PHS's Bethany Andrade Siddiqu, Coordinator of Student Services, Family and Community Outreach. “I am so pleased that Dr. Kelley had the opportunity to come here and to speak with our MSAN Scholars." In addition to MSAN, Mrs. Andrade Siddiqu is the advisor for PULSE (Pride University Leadership Sisterhood Esteem), another PHS group with an emphasis on making all students feel welcome at the high school. Mrs. Andrade Siddiqu also serves as one of the district leads for the BELLE Network/ National Equity Project.

Mrs. Andrade Siddiqu has worked closely with Princeton University and plans to create an affinity space modeled on the Carl A. Fields Center at Princeton University. The Carl A. Fields Center is designed to empower, engage, and educate individuals and institutions within the Princeton University community to develop, implement and support systems of inclusion.

photos of MSAN scholars, fall 2022


Photo of Bethany Siddiqu

Ms. Bethany Andrade Siddiqu

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