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Over the next two years, Princeton Public Schools will continue to use $26.9 million in referendum funds to implement health and safety upgrades to our schools. Here are some of the planned improvements at Princeton High School. These plans will be reviewed by the Board of Education and may be changed, as necessary, as bids for construction are received.

Renovation/Addition: A second floor will be added above the current fitness center. New construction will include four new classrooms as well an an educational commons areas.

Improvements to Guidance Offices: Improvements to the guidance department will include renovations to 17 offices and six additional meeting rooms. Work is scheduled to be completed by 2022.

Grab & Go Food: To be located where the school store is now located, this will help with the overcrowding in the PHS cafeteria and provide students with another place to purchase healthy food.

Electrical Work:  Electrical upgrades will be undertaken with the renovation project and are expected in summer 2020.

HVAC/New Gym: Air conditioning was installed in the New Gym at PHS and the project was successfully completed ahead of schedule in September 2019.

PHS Sports Fields: Field improvements, bathrooms.

Valley Road Sports Field Improvements: New dugout and new backstop for the Valley Road baseball field (used by PHS students).


Drawings of PHS renovations with wresting on 2nd floor
Drawing of PHS renovations
Drawing of PHS renovations of guidance



Drawing of proposed PHS renovation


Drawing of proposed Grab & Go dining


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