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Princeton High School News

March 26, 2020

Hello everyone,

First I wanted to say a thank you to all of you for your understanding during these difficult times.  As I write this email from PHS during what should be break it is sadly quiet, and the students are very much missed.  

Please see some updates below.

Cycle day changes for coming weeks:

3/30-E day

3/31-F day

4/1-E day

4/2-F day

4/3-Reading Day/End of Quarter 3-Teachers will put a plan on PSL for each class whether it be read an article, watch a video, review notes, complete missing work, etc.  The idea is no new assignments to be graded or turned in.

4/6-4/10-->Spring Break

4/13-E day

4/14-F day


Updated Grading Procedures Going Forward

Students will receive letter grades for quarter 3

  • If remote learning continues to be extended quarter 4 grades will be based on the grading of essential assignments as well as effort, participation and growth
  • Final grades will be letter grades based on all 4 quarters.  

I want to stress the need for understanding and flexibility right now.  This means understanding and flexibility for students, for teachers for ourselves, etc.  Balance is our new context!

Thank you,

Jessica Baxter

PHS Principal

  • Princeton High School