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When Mr. Jason Pikul, PHS Business Education Teacher, wanted to bring a financial professional into his Financial Planning class at Princeton High School, he discussed his goals with Stephenie Tidwell, Supervisor of Mathematics and Business Education.

"I hoped to meet with a professional to discuss current issues, topics, and trends in the financial services industry," says Mr. Pikul. "Ms. Tidwell knows that I am a former Certified Financial Planner and the creator of this relatively new course here at Princeton High School. She also knows the value that industry professionals bring to the classroom. She recommended that I explore having a financial professional come into my class to add value to the many lessons."

Ms. Tidwell offered to help and she provided Mr. Pikul with a real-world contact, Andre Beckles of Harare Wealth Management LLC. "I reached out to Mr. Beckles to see what was possible," says Mr. Pikul. After a brief conversation, they agreed to try a Zoom call with the class. 

"I could not have been happier with Mr. Beckles, with the conversation, and with the real-world examples he provided," says Mr. Pikul. "I had to tell my class that Mr. Beckles and I did not rehearse any of this phone call. So when Mr. Beckles said the same things I taught in my lessons, it was proof of the real-world application of the textbook content. Students saw that they were learning exactly what was being practiced by a financial professional."

When Mr. Beckles joined the class for a second time during the semester, it was another success. "It was just as valuable as the first time," said Mr. Pikul.

"Mr. Beckles talked via Zoom with my new class this semester and the results were more of the same. Students were asking questions about new topics, asking follow-up questions to current conversations, and sitting in class ready to listen and learn," says Mr. Pikul.

"I look forward to continuing this connection with Mr. Beckles with the possibility of one day soon taking the students to meet him in person," he adds.

photo of Mr. Pikul


photo of Zoom with Harare Wealth Management

Mr. Andre Beckles, Harare Wealth Management  

Photos of Mr. Pikul and Ms. Tidwell




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