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The recent performances of Curtains at Princeton High School have received amazing reviews. One veteran PHS teacher described it as "the best production I have seen in my over 50 years at PHS."  His praise for the production was echoed by other audience members who were fortunate enough to see the play with either the red or blue cast.

The consensus: The direction, the choreography, the staging, the singing, the orchestra, the sets and the actors were uniformly superb.

The triumph was particularly sweet because the performances of Curtains marked the return of live theatre at PHS. 

Kudos to the student actors, technicians, musicians and artists. Special thanks to Julianna Krawiecki, Vincent Metallo, Robert Loughran, Jeff Van Velsor and all other staff and faculty involved in the production. 

Curtains Cast (Red)

                                                            Curtains Cast (Red)

Photo of Curtains Cast

                                                                 Curtains Cast (Blue)


Curtains Cast and Crew

                                                                Curtains Cast and Crew

First page of the PDF file: CurtainsCastCrewOrchestraLists



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