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PHS partnered with Stanford's Challenge Success back in 2016, and since then we have administered surveys and sent administrative teams to their summer institutes.  Challenge Success' mission is for schools and families to create a broader definition of success in this high pressured culture where we overemphasize grades and the over-scheduling of our children.  Challenge Success encourages schools and families towards a more balanced approach for our children. 

Thank you to all of you who logged in live as well as to everyone watching the recording.

In order to do better by our kids we need to do more to bring a healthier balance to their lives.  Our current formula for success is stifling creativity & engagement and sacrificing balance and wellness for our children.

Is it possible to have balance in today's fast-paced culture?  The answer has to be yes, and it is up to us as educators and parents to find ways to make that happen.  

What we have seen from this presentation and our own experiences is that kids are taking on too much, both in and out of school.  Their sleep and mental health is the sacrifice in this race towards what we have taught them is success.  We, schools and parents, need to do more to help them make better decisions in the areas of extracurriculars, course load, sleep, playtime, downtime & family time.

I have two young children of my own, 1600 current PHS students and 2300 PPS students who will one day come to PHS and be under my care.  I take this work personally and want to do better by our kids.  Let's work together to change our community's definition of success and our expectations of our children. 


Jessica Baxter

PHS Principal 


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