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The Mercer Science and Engineering Fair (MSEF), organized by the Mercer Science and Engineering Club, has highlighted engineering work conducted by students for more than 50 years. Six PHS students were among those whose projects were recognized at this year's fair.

Sata Mark Ogata received the U.S. Navy Science Award for Zircon--An Affordable, Powerful, and Customizable Educational Soccer Robot Kit for Beginners. "According to Wikipedia, soccer is the worlds' most popular game," he wrote in the project's abstract. "Most children either enjoy playing or watching soccer. A soccer robot can introduce students to robotics and build valuable technical skills in an engaging and fun way of a soccer match."

Adam Benslama won the U. S. Air Force Research Laboratory Award in the Mathematics, Physics, and Astronomy category for Sweet Mirage. His project replicated the Fata Morgana effect—a type of mirage that appears in the sky near the horizon in certain circumstances—using a sugar-water solution with a refractive index gradient.  

Susannah Tudor, whose project, titled The Impact of High School Student Body Diversity on Perceptions of Racism, was awarded second place in the APA Outstanding Research category. She designed and conducted a survey that asked students questions about how they perceive racism in the context of relationships with other students.

Xin Chen earned third place in the Biochemistry, Biology and Medical category for Customized Cancer Therapy Based on the Dynamic Analysis of the Tumor-Immune-Drug System Interaction. His project explored the use of mathematical modeling on tumors and an individual's immune status to precisely target cancer treatment to a specific patient, with the goal of less damaging treatments and better outcomes. 

Shoshana Henderson's project, The Relationship Between Media Bias and Political Views of US Adults, created a survey that attempted to determine the relationship between the extent of the bias of the media consumed by adults and the vehemence of their political opinions. Her work earned an Honorable Mention.

Violeta Gonzalez received an Honorable Mention for Sleep Deprivation in High Schools Around the World, a survey that assessed sleeping patterns with questions about sleep, bedtimes, and wake times to analyze correlations between the variables of mood, sleep, and academic engagement. 

"We are very proud of our students' professional quality scientific research," said Jaqueline Katz, biology and research teacher at Princeton High School.





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