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PPS congratulates Akash Jim on earning a perfect score on the Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism Advanced Placement exam! One of only two students worldwide to do so, Akash is a senior at Princeton High School and hopes to study either math or science in college.

He was confident that he had done well, but found the exam hard and did not consider the possibility of a perfect score. He received notification in October via email from the Head of the Advanced Placement Program at CollegeBoard that he had earned every possible point on the challenging exam.

Electricity and Magnetism is considered one of the most difficult AP exams; it is equivalent to the second semester of introductory physics that a Physics or Engineering major would take in college.

According to CollegeBoard, who administers the exam, 48,171 students took the Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism AP exam in 2021 and only 23% earned a 5, indicating mastery of the subject. Only two students answered every single question correctly.

Akash feels that Mr. Higgins, his Physics teacher, prepared him well with not only excellent lessons, but practice problems throughout the year, and a review before the exam.

Mr. Higgins has taught the Physics C course for 18 years, the last 16 at PHS, and does not believe he has ever had another student earn a perfect score. While Mr. Higgins has known Akash since he was a 9th grader, having him in his homeroom and as a member of the PHS Science Olympiad Team, ironically their time together during Physics C was virtual. He says, “It couldn't happen to a more deserving student. Akash is very down to earth and has a dry wit to go along with a love of learning, particularly math and science.”

Akash’s advice for others taking the exam? “Set up your integrals correctly.”

Congratulations, Akash!

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