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May 26, 2020


Hello PHS Seniors and Families,

I hope you all had a restful weekend! Today was our first of several days when we invite seniors on campus to be photographed and filmed in their cap and gowns! The weather cooperated, and it was great to see staff and students so happy to be in each other's company.  The pictures will continue for the next few days. View the links below to sign up.

I'm getting a lot of questions about Governor Murphy's statement that in person graduations can take place after July 6. We will get more guidance on this on Wednesday.  f it is possible we will work our hardest to make it happen in a safe way. I just want to be clear, the statement today said in person graduations could happen with the current social distancing restrictions.  In order for us to bring people on campus the maximum number of people allowed to gather would have to be significantly higher than what is currently permitted.  

Here are my thoughts....we are working on a virtual graduation that may surprise you with its personal touches. We are going ahead with work on this so the product is of a quality that our graduates deserve. We are still in the month of May...July 6th is far enough away that what is okay and not okay today will most likely be different then. As we get into June we may start to plan for an in person event for our kids and families. What that looks like will depend on the restrictions for June and July.  While I want to offer our students an in person graduation ceremony, I also want to be respectful of our students and families that can't or don't feel comfortable attending such an event given the current pandemic.

Bottom line...we will have a virtual graduation ceremony at the very least and possibly both virtual and in person.  I will update you all as decisions are made.

Take care, and I look forward to seeing more of you all over the next few days,

Jessica Baxter
PHS Principal

  1. Link to sign up for a Virtual Graduation Photo/Video Appointment in front of the Tower 
  • Please note:
    • Students should come dressed in Cap and Gown with Diploma Cover
    • We will take photos and videos of students and it will all be shared for free after the virtual graduation
    • Students do not need to wear a mask, but must stay at least 6 ft from any other person.
    • Students will not be allowed in the school building during the appointments.
  1. Link to submit your own photo if you do not wish to come to the scheduled appointments 


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