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Princeton High School News

Princeton High School students were recognized for their research at the recent Mercer County Science Fair. Congratulations to all who participated!

Three students received first-place awards:

Kate Becker (Behavioral and Social Science)

Ada Metaxas (Biochemistry, Biology and Medical), and

Shrey Khetan (Environmental Science and Engineering).

Three students were awarded second-place awards:

Amanda Sun (Behavioral and Social Science)

Will Baumgartner (Software and Embedded Systems)

Julius Verma (Biochemistry, Biology and Medical).

Amy Lin was awarded 3rd place in the Software and Embedded Systems category.

Several of these students, including Kate Becker, Ada Metaxas, Shrey Khetan and Will Baumgartner were also honored for their dedication to mental wellbeing of students, environmental awareness, and communication skills.

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