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Princeton High School News

Dear PHS Families,

I would like to provide you with a few important updates:

PHS bell schedule as of Monday, March 15, 2021

We have made modifications to the PHS Bell Schedule. 8:20am will be our uniform start time (Hybrid or Remote, Monday-Friday). 1:00pm will be our uniform dismissal time. Starting next Friday, 3/19 it will be an in-person learning day. For example, students who are in Cohorts B & D, school will be in-person, Monday through Friday next week. Students in Cohorts A & C, you will be remote.

Highlights of the new bell schedule:

*60 minute periods M-TH, 45 minute periods on Friday.
*20 minute break in the middle of (8:20-1:00) instructional day.
*Fridays will be in-person beginning on 3/19 (Week of 3/15).
*Targeted instruction period will remain from 2:00-3:21, Monday-Thursday. We will have an additional period from 12:00-1:00 on Friday, and an open period from 2:00-3:21 on Friday. For the open period on Friday, we ask that you communicate an appointment time with your teacher.

PowerSchool has been updated to reflect the new bell schedule. You can also view the schedules as an attachment or on our website.

Targeted Instruction Period (Formerly Office Hours)

This period provides an opportunity for all students to access a subject-specific period, to receive a variety of instructional approaches and social-emotional support. Some examples of instructional methods that may be utilized, include:

• One on one direct instruction

  • Small group instruction/discussions
  • Allowing time for alternate assignments
  • Improving comprehension of process and content
  • Focus on social emotional connection and executive functioning deficits (organization and prioritization)
  • Individualized conferencing/assessments
  • PBL
  • Opportunity to address learning loss
  • Asynchronous focus/student collaboration.

Cohort Merge

We are still in the process of reviewing students in Cohorts A & B, to see if they can attend in-person

learning in Cohort D (Combined Cohort). If you have indicated that you would like your student to be in Cohort D, you will receive confirmation from our main office. This upcoming week will be our final review, so stay tuned for an update!

After School Clubs and Activities

After school clubs and activities will resume on campus, on a rotating schedule. Clubs and activities/athletics will not start until after the end of the school day (3:21). All students participating in after school activities on campus are required to fill out a COVID Assessment Form via Google. QR code for the Google form will be posted at building entrances. Ms. Lygas, our Dean of Students, will forward more information soon.


Since 1:00 is the dismissal time for in-person learning, Cranbury students who are planning to participate in an after-school club/athletics, will be allowed to remain on campus. Students can use a common area, such as the PAC lobby for targeted instruction (2:00-3:21). Princeton students who are planning to participate in after school clubs/athletics, we will provide busing that will transport students back to PHS. Please see below for the following pick-up time information.

PHS Bus # 1
3:10PM- Griggs Farm, 3:20PM- Redding Circle, 3:24PM- PCV, 3:30PM- LB School PHS Bus #2

3:10PM- JP School, 3:17PM- Hutchinson Dr. & Benjamin Rush Ln. (Both Ends), 3:23PM- Karin Court, 3:30PM- Riverside School.

Cranbury and Princeton Late Buses

Cranbury late buses will continue picking students up from the PAC at 5:30 & 6:30. Princeton late buses will pick students up from the PAC at 5:45.

PTO Town Hall

PHS administration will be holding a town hall webinar on Wednesday, March 17, 2021 at 7:00PM. The topic will be our bell schedule and continuation of merging cohorts. Below is the webinar link. You can also access this in the Tiger Tribune and PTO website.

Link to join Webinar

It is our hope that with a consistent start time, this schedule makes it easier for families to plan their daily lives. We also hope, by turning Friday into an in-person learning day and by inviting students back to the building for after school club and activities, we are moving our school one step closer to "normal.”

Have a wonderful weekend!

Jared Warren
Acting Principal Princeton High School



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