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Hello everyone,

I hope you are all having a healthy and restful spring break away from remote learning.  

I would like to communicate our plans for remote learning going forward.  Quarter 3 has ended, and students will receive traditional letter grades. Students will also receive traditional letter grades for final grades at the end of the year.  Quarter 4 will begin when we return from spring break.  The plan right now is also to issue traditional letter grades for quarter 4. I have asked teachers to be flexible in grading and to make sure to incorporate effort, participation and growth into the students' quarter 4 calculation.  Online learning is not easy, and teachers understand and will consider this and try to reduce the workload for the students. 

We recently administered a remote learning survey to PHS students to get a pulse on where they are with remote learning as well as to gain feedback on what they find engaging, difficult, etc.  I have shared the results with our faculty so they can use the feedback to help them plan activities going forward that work best for the students.  

Over 850 students participated in the survey and gave very insightful feedback.  Reading through their comments made me happy, sad, hopeful and just really miss your children in the PHS halls.  Please read some of their comments that I have pasted below.  It genuinely warmed my heart to hear how much they love the time at home with their families, walking in their community and miss the face to face learning. 

Best part of remote learning: ranged from flexibility to getting more sleep

I am also finally home for more then 3hrs and its kinda cool to spend time with my family before I leave next year :))

having some time to actually read books i've pushed back because of school and spending more time learning the guitar

Spending time with family

Can work on my own schedule. Plan times to work on things I love like music, working out, while balancing course work.

Most difficult part of remote learning:  time management, not seeing friends; workload

limited class time. I wish I could see my teachers more.

Most engaging part of remote learning:  

Running and walking in my community

Guided worksheets graded for completion, as it was not stressful and allows you to focus on learning the material more

zoom calls

I actually think that it is so cool how fast PHS was able to create remote learning and how structured it is. I feel like by being so organized, PHS made remote learning a lot less stressful than it could've been. I really enjoyed online spirit week and I am kinda concerned with what I am going to be occupying myself with over spring break.

Finally, here are some Virtual Spring Break Ideas for you and your children as shared with me by on of our PHS parents.   

Have a restful week off with your family, pets, books, etc.  


Jessica Baxter

PHS Principal



If you are unsure if your child is completing work or have questions about assignments, grades, etc. please reach our to their teacher.  Our assistant principals and guidance counselors are also here to help.

Students should continue to login to PowerSchool Learning each day by 1pm to submit their attendance.  Many teachers have moved to other platforms, but I asked that they still post assignments and the link to the new platform so parents are in the loop and can easily access class information in one place

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