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June 18, 2020

Hello Families of PHS Seniors,

This is my final farewell to all of you. I hope you enjoyed the graduation on Tuesday as much as I did.  Even though I had viewed it previously, watching it at 5:30 at the flagpole and reading everyone's comments of congratulations to our graduates still made it so special. Your kids are a blessing to me and my staff, and we will miss them greatly.

Seeing the seniors pick up their diplomas and gifts has given me another opportunity to say goodbye to them, and I am grateful. Each senior was given a PHS alumni t-shirt, a PHS photo frame and a PHS pillow generously paid for by our PTO and made possible through the donations from many Princeton and Cranbury families and supporters. In particular, we received a grant of $1800 from the Cranbury Education Foundation that was designated towards the purchase of the picture frames. We also had a very generous donation from a Princeton family who wishes to remain anonymous that closed the fundraising gap for the pillows and t-shirts. We are thankful so many members of the community came together to support our seniors during this unprecedented time. Whether from Cranbury or Princeton, once our kids begin 9th grade they are all PHS students and alumni always.

Based off of survey data and Zoom conversations with the students we will have a celebration at PHS for our seniors from 2-5 on Monday, July 6 with a rain date of Friday, July 10.

We are planning this in anticipation of the governor raising the number of people allowed to gather. This celebration will include photo ops for students, music, snacks and time to sign yearbooks. We ask that students wear masks and follow social distancing guidelines.  Students should bring their own chair or blanket so they can spread out on campus with their friends. This may seem unlikely, but I have seen our kids discreetly coming to PHS for photo ops with their friends over the past few weeks, and they do make it work! Stay tuned for more details.

During the course of preparing for the virtual graduation, each student who attended their appointment had their picture taken with their diploma by a volunteer photographer.  Those unedited pictures along with the photos from the senior speeches can be found here:

We also look forward to you sharing your pictures you have taken on your own at PHS along with those taken by seniors at their celebration.

Finally, I want to give a shout out to everyone who worked to make this spring special for our seniors as they were not in the building for their final months of school. The assistant principals, faculty volunteers, secretaries, administrators, parents, community members, building monitors, PTO, custodians, and grounds crews worked long days to make sure kids could come to campus safely to be photographed, pick up diplomas and go to their lockers one final time.

I would be remiss to not give a shout out to Mrs. Lygas, our Dean of Students. From day one of remote learning, she was an LMS and Social Media superstar. She hosted trivia, online spirit days, helped coordinate senior gifts and kept us all connected and up to date on the great things going on.  The graduation ceremony we viewed on Tuesday night can be attributed to her sleepless nights and countless Zooms and emails with the production company to get it right.  Mrs. Lygas worked tirelessly to put together the filming and production of the virtual graduation, and she did it for our kids. Mrs. Lygas stayed up through many nights making sure every student was included as well as to incorporate special touches that made this anything but a cookie cutter production. Thank you, Mrs. Lygas!

Have a wonderful summer,

Jessica Baxter
Princeton High School Principal

June 15, 2020

Dear Families of Princeton High School Seniors,

On the eve of the graduation of the class of 2020, I wanted to reach out to say thank you for the past four years with your children. They will be greatly missed by my staff and myself.

To view the graduation at 5:30 on June 16, a link will be emailed to you tomorrow morning. This link will also be posted on our social media accounts and the school and district websites.

As we anticipate that the governor will continue to increase the official number of people allowed to gather, we are planning for a celebration of our seniors the first week in July. The date and type of celebration is still being determined. We surveyed the seniors and also met on an open zoom call last week to listen to them contribute their thoughts. An overwhelming majority indicated they favored a graduation-themed celebration over a re-creation of the ceremony. They also felt it was important to do our best to keep their class together in one unit if allowed, even if that meant they could not bring guests.

In order to solidify plans based on what our seniors prefer, we will be sending out a final survey to them Wednesday morning where they can give their feedback on whether they want a formal ceremony or informal gathering in July as well as their preferred time of day and date. Our thought is that they will be best able to make this decision after viewing the graduation ceremony tomorrow. 

The graduation pictures we took of students at PHS over the past few weeks will be available after this Friday. We will send out an email to the shared folder so you have access to these beautiful pictures.

In the meantime, I hope you all enjoy the graduation ceremony tomorrow. I think it will be a pleasant surprise with all the personal touches and how well it captures the spirit of PHS.


Jessica Baxter
Princeton High School

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