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The Princeton Public Schools community honored Jeffrey Lucker for 50 years of teaching history at PHS! On the official “Lucker Day” January 18, students heard fun facts, the PTO decorated his classroom and a gathering of family, friends and alumni shared well wishes and thanked him for his dedication to students--in person and on Twitter #luckerday.

“When I arrived at PHS 50 years ago I was impressed by the beautiful gothic facade of the school. It seemed old to me at the time. But it was built 42 years before I arrived, and it's strange to realize that I've been here longer than the building was old then!,” said Mr. Lucker.

“It's also strange to have the experience of seeing teachers arrive at PHS at the start of their careers and then witness their retiring! In at least one instance it was a student of mine who ended up becoming a school employee and then retiring several years ago," he shared.

"For me, part of the pleasure of working at PHS has been to live in town for the entire 50 years I have been here and part of the enjoyment of teaching has been the feeling of being connected with the community," he added.

Gary Snyder, PHS principal shared, “Mr. Lucker is a teaching icon at PHS and a pillar of our faculty. His knowledge and love of history, combined with his commitment to teaching and love of students has made him a perennial favorite of the student body! To teach, to do anything, for 50 years is an incredible accomplishment, but for Mr. Lucker it is simply his passion and life's work. We are happy to celebrate this milestone with him and grateful as a community for his dedication to the students of Princeton.”

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