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The U.S. History 1 classes at Princeton High School take on some complex issues in our history. This year, students in Ms. Dineen's and Ms. Young's history classes created a series of online exhibitions that show the enduring legacies of division.

Brought to you by members of the PHS Class of 2023, each student’s exhibit was designed to share the learning they have acquired in the past year, analyze the lasting legacies of past injustices, conflict, and triumphs to the present day, and help visitors learn more, get involved, or show their support for meaningful causes.

Says Ms. Dineen: "One week, two Zoom field trips, three community partners, and 55 students--I have no idea how it happened but here is the presentation of the final project by students in U.S. History 1 classes." These projects include work by 9th grade students in Ms. Young's and Ms. Dineen's classes.

"Please be sure to visit the racial literacy and justice page, which is filled with student artwork and calls to action," says Ms. Dineen. 

Featured below is art work by PHS students Noor and Riya.

Photo of Artwork by Students in US History 1



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