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October 19, 2020

Hello PHS Families,

Today was our first day of hybrid learning, and despite having some issues with PowerSchool we actually had a smooth opening this morning.  Our staff was able to quickly screen all students upon arrival to PHS, and the students found their way to their day's classes. I have to say, it was wonderful to see students in the building again!  

This is just a friendly reminder to login to the PowerSchool student or parent portal to fill out the Covid Screening Form between 12:00am and 7:30am each day.  It is not accessible the night before. In light of the connectivity issues we had this morning it would be great if your child could screen shot (showing the day's date) the green completed screen in order to speed up the morning process at PHS.  I have also attached the form if you wish to print it out.  It may also be helpful for students to screenshot their schedules so they can find their rooms quickly.

Nonetheless, having our building come alive today with staff and students brought me great joy.  Our teachers, too, had their first day of hybrid today and are working together to decide on best practices that will bring enhance teaching and learning to students in front of them and those learning remotely.

Take care,

Jessica Baxter
PHS Principal

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