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October 15, 2020

Dear PHS Families,

Monday, October 19 begins our Hybrid Schedule. School will begin at 8:20 am for both in person and remote learners.

Cohort B will report in person while Cohorts A & C will learn remotely. Please check PowerSchool to see your assigned cohort.

The calendar of cycle days and cohort schedules as well as other important infomraion can be found here

Daily Schedule: PHS will have E Day and F Day Schedule only:

Screen shot of E Day and F Day schedules



Please remember to submit your Daily COVID Screening Form in Power School Portal every morning before 7:30am. Parents or students may fill this out. (On a mobile device, this form must be filled out in a web browser, not the Power School app.) If you have multiple children, please make sure you complete the form for each child. Parents will receive an email and phone call if this form is not completed by 7:30 AM each day even if you children are learning remotely. PPS must collect this data from both the hybrid and the all-remote cohorts.

✓ Students must show a ‘green bar’ in their Power School Student Portal to indicate successful submission of the screening by parents. This will help expedite the entry process.

✓ If your child experiences any symptoms – or when in doubt - they should stay home and learn remotely if possible. (Attendance will be counted in such cases.)

✓ Parents should keep their children home and contact our nurses at 609.806.4280 if the students experience two or more symptoms on the top of the COVID Screening Form and/or 1 on the bottom of the form.




All students will depart their busses as usual and cross Walnut safely. The screening process (including temperature check) will begin after students are on campus. There will be no parent drop-off at the PAC.

PASS: Students will show the green bar in their Power School, get their temperature taken and go to their classrooms.

FAIL: If students have a temperature above 100.4°, they will not enter the building and a parent will be called for pick up.

There will be three entrances:

✓ Two Doors at the main PAC entrance by the Ticket Office are for students who have completed the Daily COVID Screening Form by showing the ‘green bar’ indicated above on their phones.

✓ One door at the main PAC entrance is reserved for students who will not be able to show the ‘green bar’ but have already filled out the form on PowerSchool.

✓ A third entrance at the side PAC door will be for students who have not yet filled out the screening. A hard copy of this form will be filled out on site. (Please know this will slow down the entry process significantly. Therefore, we ask all parents and students to ensure you submit PowerSchool form on time.)

✓ Each entry point will be staffed by Assistant Principals/Supervisors/Teachers/Nurse.



The building will not open until 8 AM. There will be three entrances:

✓ Tower Entry: for students who have filled out the COVID Screening Form by showing the 'green bar' indicated above on their phones.

✓ Right of the Tower Entry: for students who will not be able to show the 'green bar' but have already filled out the form in PowerSchool.

✓ Tower Left Side Entry: for students without the COVID Screening Form filled out. A hard copy will be provided to students.

✓ Each entry point will be staffed by Assistant Principals/Supervisors/Teachers/Nurse (6


Please be mindful at the Front Circle as we anticipate a drastic increase of traffic.


All Parent Pickups will be at the front circle. This will be staffed by Assistant Principals and Building Monitors.

Bus pickup will be on Walnut Lane. This will be staffed by Assistant Principals and Building Monitors.



Attendance procedures will remain the same.

✓ Monday through Thursday: Teachers will take attendance via Zoom and in-person Monday through Thursday.

✓ Friday: Students should do their attendance online at before 10am each Friday. This link can be found under Quick Links on our school website.

✓ If you son/daughter is going to be absent, either full day or half day, please call and report this to the attendance office at (609) 806-4280 ext. 3806. You can also email the attendance office:

✓ Please remember to submit medical documentation or notes for any absence. MID-DAY PARENT PICK UP

Parents will not be allowed to enter PHS once school is in session. If a student needs to be picked up in the middle of the day, please call the Main Office upon arrival. A building monitor will escort the student out of the building. Please allow extra time for Parent Pick Up.



Students may not enter the building prior to 8:00 am.

Students must wear masks and maintain social distancing while on school grounds.

All students must be symptom screened and temperature checked before entering the building.

Students should bring jackets to school in case their class will be meeting outside in a tent for the day. Lockers will not be available at the current time so students will have to carry their coats and put them on the back of their chairs when not needed.

Food and drink must be consumed outside, during passing time.

We will not have a lunch period nor will it be allowed for food and drinks to be consumed in the school. Students will have 13-15 minutes between classes if they would like to eat or drink anything outdoors. Please send your child to school with a snack or have them purchase one at our vending machines.

All students must leave the building promptly at the 1:00 dismissal.

We expect more parent dropoffs/pickups than usual. Please consider this and allow for extra time in getting to the school.

Please reach out to the Assistant Principals if you have additional questions.



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