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Dear PHS Families,

We will be implementing remote learning beginning Monday, March 16th through Friday, March 27th.  Students and families may access lessons via PowerSchool Learning.  Please reach out to the PHS Main Office if you need help accessing this platform.

Our teachers have been working hard to develop plans and activities so that meaningful instruction continues.  Please see the list of student guidelines/expectations below.  I will be in further contact with more details over the next few days.

We ask that all PHS students clean out their lockers tomorrow, 3/13 so they have all materials they need while away from PHS.  The building will be open for limited hours (details coming soon) in case they need technology assistance or to pick up items.  

Teachers will post content following E & F day schedules.  Monday, March 16th will be an E day where students login to complete work for period 3, 1, 7 & 5 classes, and Tuesday, March 17th will be an F day where students login to complete work for period 4, 2, 8, 6 classes.  They will have a minimum of 1 hour of coursework for each class each day.  

Another important component of remote learning is that students sign in to PowerSchool Learning and complete a google form to record their attendance each day.  Students should visit their grade level class in PowerSchool Learning and complete the google form in order to be marked present.  We need students to complete this important step in order for these days to count towards our 180 day minimum.  Students must do this each day by 1pm.  Please see further guidelines/expectations below.

Take care, and be well,

Jessica Baxter

PHS Principal


Guidelines/Expectations for PHS Students 

  • Students should take all school-assigned and personal items home on 3/13.  Lockers should be cleaned out. 
  • A google form will be posted in the Grade Level class in PowerSchool Learning each day. Students MUST fill out this form by 1pm each day in order to be counted present.  If a student has trouble accessing this form the student or parent must call the attendance line (609-806-4280 x3806) to report the student as present. 
  • If a child is ill a parent can call in their absence to the attendance line to have the absence verified.
  • Students will login to PowerSchool Learning each day and follow alternating E/F cycle day class schedules for accessing class content, activities and assignments.  Students should login to their E day classes the first day of the closure, then their F day classes on the second day of the closure, etc. 
  • Students should follow expectations and deadlines set by teachers for completing activities and turning in assignments. 
  • Teachers will post that day’s lesson, materials, activities, assignments, etc. by 8:20 am.   
  • Students should keep in contact with teachers via messaging features and/or email if they have any questions or concerns about content.
  • A minimum of one grade per week will be input in PowerTeacher Pro.  Students and families should continue to reach out to teachers & counselors with questions or concerns via PowerSchool Learning or email.  
  • The building should be open for minimal use.  This, of course, depends on the reason for closing school (social distancing vs. quarantine).  Hours and availability of staff will be posted shortly.  Students and families may stop by to pick up materials or troubleshoot technology issues.  Sports teams and clubs will not meet or practice, and students/families should only come to the building if they have an appointment or question.  The cafeteria, Learning Commons, IDEAS Center, Fitness Center, etc. will not be available. The Learning Commons is open virtually as OverDrive and all research tools are available 24/7, and Ms. Bigioni can assist with any questions.
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