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Hello Families of PHS Seniors,

This is my final farewell to all of you. I hope you enjoyed the graduation on Tuesday as much as I did.  Even though I had viewed it previously, watching it at 5:30 at the flagpole and reading everyone's comments of congratulations to our graduates still made it so special. Your kids are a blessing to me and my staff, and we will miss them greatly.

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Photo of Artwork by Students in US History 1

The U.S. History 1 classes in Princeton High School often take on some complex issues in our history. This year, students in Ms. Dineen's and Ms. Young's history classes created a series of exhibitions that show the enduring legacies of division.

Brought to you by member of the PHS Class of 2023, each student’s exhibit was designed to share the learning they have acquired in the past year, analyze the lasting legacies of past injustices, conflict, and triumphs to the present day, and help visitors learn more, get involved, or show their support for meaningful causes.

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Hello PHS Seniors and Families,

I hope you all had a restful weekend!  Today was our first of several days when we invite seniors on campus to be photographed and filmed in their cap and gowns! The weather cooperated, and it was great to see staff and students so happy to be in each other's company.  The pictures will continue for the next few days. View the links below to sign up!

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photo of student diorama in forensics

While some of us may be at home watching different crime TV shows on Netflix to pass the time, students in Mrs. Alexis Custer’s Forensic Science course are studying it at home as part of the newly expanded popular course. The hands-on course, which was converted to a full-year course this year, provides students with a wide range of projects and activities that allow them to explore multiple facets of forensics, including crime scene investigation, DNA in forensics, lip print analysis, and so much more.

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