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Welcome to Princeton High School Virtual Back to School Night

Thank you for participating in our virtual Back to School Night.  Below you will find links to pre-recorded videos from our teachers and counselors. 

Please click on the teacher or counselor name or specific course name when applicable.

Welcome Message from Principal Baxter


Please take a break during the evening and join us for some music performed by our acapella groups at PHS.

Around 8

The Cat's Meow

Cloud Nine

The Testostertones


Faculty Last Names A-K

*Child Study Team Collaboration

Arkoulakis, Nolis

Latin 1

Latin 2

Latin 4

Ayad, Sarah

Algebra 2 ICRP

ESL Algebra 1 and Algebra II Elements

Algebra II Accelerated

Baines, Courtney - School Counselor

Barnes-Johnson, Joy

Chemistry I

Racial Literacy & Justice (w/Ms. Manhart)

Bathke, Jack

AP English III

English IV

Bigioni, Jennifer - Learning Commons

Bongiovi, Joseph

Brasor, Beth

US History II

World History

Bray, Lorraine

Buckley, Judy - Studio Art l and Studio Art 2D-ll

Buurstra, Natsuko

Japanese 1

Japanese 2

Japanese 3

Japanese 4

AP Japanese

East Asian Studies

Bregenzer, Cynthia

School to Work

Cameron, Scott

AP English IV

English IV


Campbell, Timothy

Capuano, Dominic

Carbone, Christine

ELL World History

US History II

Carney, Kelley

Academic Support

Casto, Chip

AP European History

World History

Coen, Barbara

English Period 1 & 5

Corell, Robert

Acc Chem

AP Chem

Chemistry I

Crane, Courtney

AP English IV

English III

Journalism I

Journalism II

Custer, Alexis & Esposito, Torie

Biology 1

*Environmental Science All Section Video Collaboration

Custer, Alexis & Mehta, Shefali

Forensic Science

Danvers, Lyndy (Linda)

Latin III

Latin Studies:  Classical Mythology

del Castillo, Camila

Spanish I

Spanish IIIA

DeYoung, Chris

US History I

World Religions

DeYoung, Chris & Young, Barbara

US History 1 - 3(F), 8(A)

Dinan, Andrea

Tutoring & Community Service

Dineen, Katie

AP World History

US History I

Dunham, Julie - English I

Eastburn, Mark

Biology I

Engineering / Exercise Science (English)

Ingenieria (Espanol)

Elia, Graciela

Esposito, Torie

Academic Support


Filippone, Thomas - School Counselor

Fisher, Sova

French 4A

French 5A

AP French

Freedman, Lauren

Algebra 1 & 2 ICRP


Gable, Anna

ESL 10 & 12


ESL Writing Workshop

Gallagher, Charles



Video Production I

Video Production II

Garcia, Reyhan - School Counselor

Gargione, Joe

Advanced Architecture


Engineer Drawing

Gates, Karen


ESL Math

Welcome Center

Gelenitis, Ryan


Geometry Accelerated


Giammanco, Janine

Accelerated Chemistry

Organic Chemistry

Giantisco, Emma - School Counselor

Goduto, Leonard

Gonzalez, Christian

English III

ESL 11

Peer Group

Grimaldi, Scott

Groome, Kim

AP Government & Politics

US History I

Guy, Claudette

Computer Science Principles

Intro to Java / OOP

Python Programming

Hayda, Kristina


*Environmental Science All Section Video Collaboration

Hayden, Martha

Spanish 4A

Spanish 6A

Haywood, Craig

Cisco Networking Academy & Cyber Security

Computer Graphics

Herzog, Christian

Higgins, Mark

AP Physics C

AP Physics I

Hinton-Mason, Paige

Hoffman, Bryan

English II


Hunsbedt, Johanna

English II

Human Behavior

Jakowlew, Paula

Jones, Joyce

Health and Physical Education

Peer Group Leader

Kanchi, Jayashree

Katz, Jacqueline

Biology I

Biology I Accelerated

Keel, Lenora - Community Liaison

King, Lauren

English I

English PLUS

Media Studies

Kosa, David



Geometry Plus

Krawiecki, Julianna

Drama One

Drama Seminar

Drama Two

Musical Theatre


Faculty Last Names L- Z

Levandowski, Doug

AP English III

Peer Group

Philosophy & Literature

Levi, Oren

Physics 1 ICRP

Physics 1 - Period 2, 3 & 6

Li, Jennifer

Applications & Modeling Supplemental Video

Lin, Shwu-Fen

AP Mandarin

Mandarin II

Mandarin III

Mandarin IV

Lipphardt, Emily

AP English IV

Creative Writing

English IV

Loughran, Robert

Lucker, Jeff

AP World History

Latin American Studies

Lygas, Diana - Dean of Students

Manhart, Patricia

Racial Literacy & Justice (w/Barnes-Johnson)

US History II

Mazzarella, Giuseppe

Italiano AP Lingua e Cultura

Italiano I

Italiano II

Italiano III

Italiano IV

McDonough, Samuel

McEvoy, Rebecca - School Counselor

Mehta, Shefali

Chemistry 1

Planetary Science Accelerated

Forensic Science

Metallo, Vincent


Chorale 1

PHS Choir

Miller, Richard


AP US History

US History I

Misiewicz, Carly

AP Calculus AB

Geometry Accelerated


Mital, Ruchi

AP Chemistry

Chemistry 1

Mitchell, Joanne

Monzo, Jess

Muca, Greta

Noone, Patrick

North, Gyselle

French IV Advanced

French IV - V - VI

French VI Advanced

O'Gorman, Kelsey

PE & Driver Education

PE & Health

Palant, Stacey

Pelletier, Sarah

AP Music Theory


Chorale I and II

PHS Choir

Pembleton, Matthew

AP Art History

Studio Art I

Studio Art IV (2D), Studio Art III (2D), Studio Art III (3D)

Phinney, Meghan

Pikul, Jason


Personal Finance

Web Page Design

Rauenzahn, Lauren

Bridges to the Future/Academic Support

Project Forward Math

Reyes, Phil

AP Calculus BC

Multivariable Calculus Acc

Ricciardi, Jayne

AP Biology


Richardson, Susan

Spanish I and II

Spanish V

Roberts, David

AP World History

World History

Robinson, Maribelle

Spanish III

AP Spanish

Rodriguez, Valerie

AP Calculus AB

AP Calculus BC


Rodrigues-Mejia, Idania

Spanish IV

Spanish VA

Spanish VI

Welcome Center

Salazar, Carlos

9th Grade Health & PE

11th & 12th Grade Health & PE

Schmidt, Bridget

Schlenker, Scott

*Environmental Science All Section Video Collaboration

Severance, Sheryl


Teen Pep

Shah, Nipurna - College Counselor

Shen, Victoria

Shoop, Steffanie

Accelerated Biology

AP Biology

Simborski, Michelle

Big Bro/Sis

Teen Pep

Smirk, James

AP Environmental Science

Environmental Science 1

*Environmental Science All Section Video Collaboration

Smith, Alana - English II, periods 2 & 5 with Jaya Kanchi

Smolyn, Jennifer

Biology Accelerated

Biology I

Research, Research Applications, Research Analysis

Song, Paul - School Counselor

Soprano, Marissa

Ap European History

US History I

US History I - Student Teacher Video

Soriano, Anna

English III

English IV

Stanton, Peter


Pre Calculus

Pre Calculus Accelerated

Sullivan, John

AP Literature & Composition

English 4

Film Appreciation

Sutcliffe, Wayne

Syed, Adiba

Resource Biology

Resource Chemistry

Szporn, Renee

English 4 - ICRP P. 2, 3, & 5

English 4 

Taylor, Elizabeth

AP US History

Sociology Accelerated

Tessaro, Antoinette

Thayer. Aaron

English I

Public Speaking

Trainor, Michelle

Vajda, Zach

AP Calc AB

AP Statistics

Intro to Statistics

Velasco, Paulo - School Counselor

Wagner, Katelyn

AP Macroeconomics

Contemporary Economic Issues

Walsh, Ryan

AP Stat



Wilkinson, Janelle


French II-III

French IV, V, VI

Wilkinson, Matthew

Wood, Malachi

French III Advanced

French V Advanced

Young, Barbara

PF US History 1

US History 1

Zeszotarski, Florence

English 1

English 3

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