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Welcome to the Princeton High School Scholarship Page.  Below you will find two links.  The first is to the Scholarship brochure.  This brochure is made possible through the combined efforts of the School Counseling Department of Princeton High School and the local organizations, which offer financial assistance to our students. It is an attempt to provide students and parents with information about available financial aid opportunities in our community.  The second link is the statement of intent which should be returned to the counseling office before applying to a scholarship.  Applications are to be obtained and completed, deadline dates are to be met, and other obligations are to be fulfilled. Interested students should note carefully the procedures listed for a particular scholarship in which they are interested and for which they are eligible.  It is each student's responsibility to pursue these opportunities.  On behalf of the student body of Princeton High School, the members of the School Counseling Department would like to extend their sincere appreciation to the numerous local organizations for the many opportunities in helping students solve the problems of financing their education.

Princeton High School School Counseling Department 

Scholarship Booklet

Statement of Intent