Princeton High School Profile




Princeton, a central New Jersey community of 30,000, has in recent years grown beyond its traditional identification but has not outgrown its traditions. For over 250 years, Princeton University has symbolized the community’s values of education and culture.


Princeton High School reflects the lifestyle of a community that takes pride in its continuing tradition of academic and cultural achievement. The richness of its academic programs, alternative options and extracurricular activities conveys the view that learning is not necessarily classroom-bound. Moreover, its students are encouraged to view themselves as valuable citizens of this community of learning.


The instructional program is aimed toward college preparation, with Accelerated, Advanced and Advanced Placement courses available in all major disciplines. 


Princeton High School is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Elementary and Secondary Schools. It holds institutional memberships with the College Entrance Examination Board and the National Association of College Admissions Counselors. 


PHS is proactive in sustaining a culture of learning and promoting academic integrity by implementing an academic honor code upheld by students and faculty. 

Student Data 

SAT Scores

PHS Combined Mean Score: 1850
Critical Reading: 614
Writing: 623
Math: 613

New Jersey Averages
Critical Reading: 495
Writing: 492
Math: 514

National Averages 
Critical Reading: 494
Writing: 482Math: 508

AP Exams

Number of AP Exams Taken (2017): 1,676 Percentage of Students Scoring 3 or Above on AP Exams (2017): 89%
Number of Students Who Scored: 5: 654 4: 519 3: 319

National Merit Scholars

2017 National Merit Scholars: 23 
Letters of Commendation: 64

Total June 2017 Graduates - 391

Placement Totals 
4-Year College: 87% 
2-Year College: 3% 
Other: 9% 
Work: 1% 
Total 100%


Graduation Placements

Princeton High School students are sought after by the most competitive colleges in the country. Members of the classes of 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 are in attendance at the following institutions: 
Rutgers University 94 
Princeton University 83 
New York University 29 
Carnegie Mellon University 20 
Penn State University 20 
University of Vermont 19
Cornell University 17 
University of Pennsylvania 16 
University of Michigan 14 
Georgetown University 13 
McGill University 13 
The George Washington University 13
 Boston College 12 
Drexel University 12 
Temple University 12 
Case Western Reserve University 11 
Duke University 11 
Lehigh University 11 
American University 10 
Boston University 10 
Bucknell University 10 
Columbia University 10 
Elon University 10 
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 10 
Syracuse University 10 
Dickinson University 9 
Brown University 8 
Emory University 8 
Franklin and Marshall College 8 
Harvard University 8 
Northeastern University 8 
Tufts University 8 
Tulane University 8 
University of Wisconsin, Madison 8 
Yale University 8 
Gettysburg College 7 
Johns Hopkins University 7 
Rider University 7 
University of St. Andrews 7 
Villanova University 7

Sampling of Additional Schools

Bowdoin College, Colgate University, Colorado College, Dartmouth College, Fordham University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Maryland College Park, University of Miami, Oberlin College, University of Pittsburgh, Skidmore College, Vassar College, Vanderbilt University, Wesleyan University

Weighted Courses

Courses Receiving Weighted Value in the Calculation of Weighted Grade Point Average 
All courses taken at Princeton University 
All courses taken at Mercer County Community College 
AP English III, IV 
AP Art History 
AP Biology 
AP Calculus AB, BC 
AP Chemistry
AP Computer Science 
AP Environmental Science 
AP European History 
AP French 
AP Government & Politics 
AP Italian AP Japanese 
AP Macroeconomics 
AP Mandarin 
AP Microeconomics 
AP Music Theory 
AP Physics I & C AP Spanish 
AP Statistics 
AP United States History 
AP World History 
Algebra II (accelerated) 
Algorithms & Data Structure (accelerated) 
Astronomy (accelerated) 
Biology I (accelerated) 
Chemistry I (accelerated) 
Contemporary Economic Issues (accelerated) 
Geometry (accelerated) 
Intro to Computer Science Using Java (accelerated) 
Multivariant Calculus and Linear Algebra (accelerated) 
Object Oriented Prog. Using Java (accelerated) 
Oceanography (accelerated) 
Organic Chemistry (accelerated) 
Pre-Calculus (accelerated) 
Sociology (accelerated) 
World Languages (all advanced courses – Spanish & French )

Grading Framework

A: 93 -100 
A-: 90 -92 
B+: 87 -89 
B: 83 -86 
B-: 80 -82 
C+: 77 -79 
C: 73 -76 
C: - 70 -72 
D+: 67 -69 
D: 63 -66 
D-: 60 -62 
F: 59 & below

Class Rank

The academic environment in Princeton High School is very challenging. The majority of our students meet the challenge by earning exemplary grades. The comparisons among students inherent in rank-in-class calculations unnecessarily increase competition within the school. Further, we believe that our students' levels of achievement are not equitably or fully communicated by this single -figure transcript statistic. Therefore, Princeton High School does not report class rank.


  • Four years of English 
  • Three years of Mathematics (inc. Geometry) 
  • One year of Health & Physical Education for each year enrolled (Driver’s Ed . - grade 10)
  • Two years of United States History
  • One year of World History
  • One year of a World Language 
  • Three years of Science (incl. Biology)
  • Proficiency in PARCC Testing 
  • One year in Visual/Performing Arts
  • One year in Practical Arts 
  • Completion of Career Awareness/ Community Service 
  • Participation in NJBCT 
  • One semester of Financial Literacy


Both weighted and unweighted grade point averages (GPA’s) are calculated. Weighted grade point average is based on an open -ended scale beginning with 0.00 and having no ceiling. Only the final grade achieved in each course is issued to compute GPA and WGPA. All graded courses are used in the calculation of GPA and WGPA. A student’s cumulative GPA and WGPA are tabulated and posted on the permanent record at the conclusion of each school year. Princeton High School does not rank.