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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log-in to my SCOIR account?

Login here.

What is SCOIR? 

SCOIR is for college-planning, career planning. Log-in to your account and on the home page, discover the best fit careers for you.

Who is my counselor? 

Counselors are assigned according to your last name and grade level. Check tab titled "Meet Your Counselors" to find your counselor. 

How do I access my PowerSchool account?

You will receive a letter in the mail with your log in and password information. If you lose this, or don’t receive the letter by the end of September, please ask your school counselor or a Counseling Office secretary for your login information.


Where can I find graduation requirements?

Graduation requirements are located in the Program of Studies.

How do I join a club?

A club fair is held at the beginning of every year. 

Is Peer Group mandatory? 

Yes, all freshmen must attend.  

What do I do if I forget my locker combination?

You should start by going to the main office to see if they can help you. If they do not have the information, either a secretary or your school counselor can look up your combination for you. 


Why should I take the PSAT?

The PSAT will help you become familiar with the testing format of the SAT. Results of the PSAT should help your future performance on standardized tests as it will help identify the areas you need improvement.


When should I ask my teachers for letters of recommendation?

May or June of your junior year is the best time to ask. 

When should I start thinking about colleges?

Your junior year is an excellent time to start your college search in earnest. Be sure to set up your Naviance account, start thinking about teacher recommendations, and attend college visits.

When should I hand in my brag sheet?

Brag sheets should be handed in to your school counselor in June (before you leave school at the end of your junior year). 

Where should I go if I have questions about the college application process?

Naviance is the best place to start investigating the college process. You can also discuss questions with Ms. Lieberman (College Counselor) or your counselor. 

I want to play a sport in college. What do I need to do?


Student Athletes should consider registering themselves for the NCAA for recruitment purposes. The NCAA will require you to register with them and have a transcript sent from your high school. To do this, follow these steps:

1. Log on to your NCAA account

2. Go to "My Planner"

3. Go to "My Task List"

4. Find the box in front of "Official Transcript Needed" and check it off

5. You will then be instructed to "click here" and will have to create a docufide account to LINK yourself from the NCAA to the counselor’s Naviance account.


What's the difference between the ACT and SAT?

The SAT tests reasoning, critical thinking and problem solving in the areas of math, reading and writing. The ACT is a content-based test that explores your knowledge in the areas of math, reading, writing and science. Some trigonometry is included in the math section. 

When should I take the SAT/ACT?

Ideally you should take the SAT/ACT in the second half of junior year depending on your current courses. You should consider setting up a testing calendar by mapping out the tests you are taking (SATs, Subject Tests, ACTs, APs).

Why should I take the PSAT?

It gives a more accurate read as to what to expect on the SAT, it is the only time you are eligible for the National Merit Scholarship Competition, it gives the College Advisor more current testing results, it could give you insight as to whether you need to do test prep.


How many students does my graduating class have? (Common application question)

The class of 2020 is 365 students. 

How is my transcript handled if I transferred from another school?

We will transcribe your previous classes and grades on to one transcript using our system of courses, grades, and weighted credit. However, we suggest that you have your former school also send official transcripts to your colleges (some colleges require official transcripts from ALL schools you attended).

How do I send my test scores?

You must send all test scores directly through the testing agency. SATs are sent using the CollegeBoard website and ACTs are sent through the ACT website

Where do I enter my college?

Login to your Naviance account and enter your colleges under the “Colleges” tab and then the “Colleges I am applying to” section, click on “+ add to this list”. 

When is my brag sheet due?

Your brag sheet is due AT LEAST five weeks prior to your first college application deadline. You should give your school counselor your brag sheet along with the list of colleges you are applying to. This is also the time you should request letters of recommendations from teachers.

Where should I go if I have questions about the college application process?

Naviance is the best place to start investigating the college process. You can also discuss questions with Ms. Lieberman (College Counselor) or your counselor.

When does my GPA get updated to include my senior year classes?

The GPA is not updated until you receive a final grade in a course, so when colleges receive your GPA for college applications it is the GPA from the end of your junior year. Your college will receive a final transcript after you graduate (you will need to notify the Guidance Office of your final college decision in the Graduation Survey).

Do colleges see my grades from this year?

Yes, please keep your grades up – colleges see them! Furthermore, if you are applying Early Decision/Early Action, a college can require 1st quarter grades (since initial materials sent early in the school year will NOT contain grades). Most colleges require at least midyear grades to determine admissions decisions.

What is the school CEEB code?


For the Rutgers application, what is my State ID Number?

It is on the "About Me" tab in Naviance, under the "profile" link.

Where can I find the SRAR (Self-Reported Academic Record) link for Rutgers?

You can access the SRAR on the Rutgers website

What is Selected Service Registration?

The law says that all 18-year-old men (including U.S. citizens living abroad and non-citizen immigrant males 18-25 residing in the U.S.) must register. By registering, you add your name to a list of all the men in the nation, ages 18 through 25. The list would be used to identify men for possible military service in case of a national emergency.