School Counseling and Career Services

PHS guidance team


Child Study Team

Julia Belviso, Learning Consultant
609.806.4284 x 3552

Lisa Peters, Learning Consultant
609.806.4284 x3541

Ethan Moutner, Social Worker
609.806.4284 x 3553

Jennifer Kuntz, School Psychologist
609.806.4284 x 3551

David Rosenfeld, School Psychologist
609.806.4284 x 3339


School Counseling Department Staff 

Patti Lieberman, College Counselor
609.806.4282 x3531

Diana Lygas, Dean of Students
609.806.4280 x 3538

Michelle Simborski, Substance Assistance Counselor
609.806.4280 x 3279   

Andrea Dinan, IDEAS Center Director
609.806.4280 x3281

School Counselors 

Tom Filippone
609.806.4282 x3535

Kyle Pugliese
609.806.4282 x3540

Paul Song
609.806.4282 x 3537

Rebecca McEvoy
609.806.4282 x3534

Paulo Velasco
609.806.4282 x3532

Reyhan Garcia
    609.806.4282 x 3573

Nipurna Shah
609.806.4282 x3533



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Sophomore Evening Program: Preparing for Junior Year and Beyond 

February 5, 2020 at 7PM in the Princeton High School PAC

Tenth graders and parents are invited to this presentation about course selection/technical school options, upcoming college testing, career planning, what’s ahead for college planning, the college timetable, the many uses of Naviance, and more.

Parents of juniors and juniors are invited to attend College Planning Evening for Juniors and Parents on March 25, from 7PM to 8PM in the PAC.


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