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Parent Technology Resources

Online access to student information is possible through PowerSchool, a web-based information system. PowerSchool's powerful, easy-to-use communication tools will enable students, parents and educators to work together to improve student achievement through enhanced communication regarding academic progress. Access to real-time data on the web supports increased student responsibility for their own learning. 

PowerSchool Parent Portal

Q. How do I create a parent portal account?

A. To create your account: 

1) Click here.

2) Click on "Create Account" to set up your account information and to link your account to each of your children within our school system. Please note: You will need an Access ID and Access password for EACH child. These were sent out in a letter at the beginning of the school year. If you do not have this information, please contact your child's guidance counselor.

3) Keep in mind that with Internet access, you will be able to view school-related information about your child at any time. Please do not share your confidential ID or password in order to prevent others from accessing your child's information. Additionally, please remember that these accounts are meant for PARENT(S)/GUARDIAN(S) use ONLY. High school students will be receiving similar information about their OWN accounts during the school year. 

Q. Do I have to create a new Parent Portal account if I already have one?

A. No. You should only create a new Parent Portal account if you do not have one. You should follow the directions and use the account access codes provided in the Parent Portal Information letter which you can obtain from the school secretary, registrar or Guidance Counselor.

Q. Do I have to create a Parent Portal account for each of my students?
A. No. You should only create one Parent Portal account. Siblings can be added to an existing account by:

  • obtaining the Access ID for the student that you want to add from the school secretary/counselor

  • logging into your existing Parent Portal account

  • selecting the Account Preferences option in the left menu bar

  • selecting the Students tab from the top menu bar

  • selecting the Add button in the top right corner and filling in the required information

If you require assistance with adding a student to your Parent Portal account, please submit a support ticket here.