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PPS Strategic Plan

The PPS Strategic Plan

In a few weeks, we’ll unveil our strategic plan, a roadmap for the next five years. As we bring the process to a close, here are some thoughts about the process: 

  • It helped to pave the road for clear goals and objectives and refine our formula for continued success for all students.
  • District and community feedback was a launchpad to do the work. Regardless of strategic partners, our process was our own – unique to PPS and our culture. 
  • We kept students first as we always have done and used past lessons to create a new focus. 
  • Our leadership team and Board had honest, transparent conversations that were necessary to ensure that, ultimately, we agreed with the arc of the plan and its goals. 
  • We used the following guiding principles: Understanding that each student has their own gifts, talents and needs, how can ensure that they feel supported in their own way?
  • How can we solve issues that we see system-wide or prevalent among specific student groups?
  • In supporting students, we must also support our educators and admin staff and empower them to do their best work. 
  • How can we move forward and also preserve our rich legacy of excellence?
  • When we consider these variables, the result is a solid and fair plan that we all have a stake in. We look forward to continued partnership throughout the district and the Municipality of Princeton to connect the dots. 
  • Successes like ISME accreditation and expansion of Pre-K are proof that we’re already on the right track. We’re excited to show you how we will maintain the momentum.