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Updated November 9, 2022

Message from the Superintendent

A new phase of growth is upon us, which has prompted me to set this year’s theme as Healing, Helping and Hope. We will go further by leaning on each other, and we’ve been doing just that. From our students creating inspirational notes on their school bulletin boards to encourage their learning communities, educators working collaboratively to foster innovative teaching strategies, and even our adoption of an emotional support dog (Hi, Tiger!) to help our elementary students and staff de-stress, Princeton Public Schools is helping our fellow Princetonians heal after an unprecedented three years. 

Our interconnectedness is due, in part, to our leadership through the Board of Education which works collaboratively to support all our students and what makes them unique. More than tolerance is acceptance and nurturing differences and experiences to ensure students feel a sense of belonging to thrive. Every student deserves opportunities to be seen and to succeed. 

The strategic planning process has been enlightening as we determine our guiding principles and soon, equity-centered strategies to address our district’s vision and stakeholders’ concerns from staff, families and students. 

I continue to share our primary overall goal which is to always add to opportunities and pathways for students to be fulfilled and advance, if they choose, especially if barriers are present, but never to eliminate them. Princeton has long been a place where all are able to thrive, and this will continue as we lift everyone up where needed. 

We’re excited to share the final strategic plan by year-end, but we are careful to take the necessary time to ensure all feedback is considered. Our children are depending on us for meaningful results, and that remains the center of our work.

In Partnership,

Dr. Carol Kelley
Superintendent of Schools

Strategic Planning Update

A key component of our strategic planning process has included articulating a Profile of a PPS Graduate. As educators we know that every student is different and has their own unique gifts, however, identifying key outcomes for our graduates can help us make major district-level decisions: curriculum and supporting programs and services. Check out the Zoom video here to see the board session as we worked through recommendations for the graduate profile.

On Monday, October 17 at 6 PM, the community is invited to join us via Zoom for an Open Strategic Planning Meeting. For the Zoom link, click here.


Welcome Back 2022-2023

Dear PPS Families,

We are so excited to welcome you back to the 2022-23 school year! I hope you have been able to enjoy your summer and that it has been filled with opportunities to relax, recharge, and enjoy time with family and friends.

With gratitude, I want to share my appreciation for your collaboration and support last year.  Thanks to the dedication of our PPS staff and your support, I am proud to highlight a few of  our accomplishments: 

  • Despite the challenges of schooling during a global pandemic,  we were grateful to have been able to keep students in-person throughout the 2021-2022 school year. Our entire staff came together to pitch in to provide transportation, make lunches, and to cover classes. It would not have been possible without each and every member of our team. 

  • We refined our internal processes to enable our school leadership teams  to  provide more robust academic support services to our students. 

  • We increased our social-emotional supports for students, including a month  of Mental Health Awareness activities planned by our middle school counselors, by launching the Corner House and Princeton Family Institute resources at PHS, and by piloting Second Step social-emotional learning  curriculum at several of our elementary schools.

As we look ahead to this school year, we will focus on helping, healing, and hope.  These three words will serve as the cornerstones for the work we do on behalf of our students, families, and each other. Helping, healing, and hope also guides the district’s SY23 draft action plan, which was developed to focus on the following student learning targets and district-level priorities:

Chart showing SY23 Priority Areas


More communications are forthcoming about health and safety protocols and back-to-school celebrations. 

While the work we have ahead of us is complex and challenging, I invite you to celebrate what we, together, have already accomplished. In advance, thank you for entrusting us with your children’s education as we work according to our district motto, Live to Learn, Learn to Live.  I hope you enjoy the remaining days of summer, and I look forward to seeing you on September 6!


Dr. Carol L. Kelley

Summer Update

Updated August 2022

Summer has been going by way too fast. I look forward to sharing plans for the new school year in this space in late August. We are gearing up for a year of helping, healing, and hope.

Here are a few of the events that have been part of a productive summer:

Our administrative teams and many of our teachers have been busy this summer working on curriculum and have had the chance to participate in a wide variety of professional development opportunities. We have strengthened our intervention and referral services and have expanded our multi-tiered system of support, to ensure that each and every student receives the support they need to succeed. In addition, we have provided professional development and intensive, ongoing training for our case managers who work with students who have Individualized Educational Programs (IEPs).

Our schools served as home to our vibrant and extensive summer program.  Hundreds of students and dozens of teachers, support staff, bus drivers and administrators operated summer enrichment, transition programs, accelerated learning and interdisciplinary experiences addressing the summer learning needs of all of our students.  We welcomed Mercer County Educational Specialist, Ms. Rosario Casiano, who conducted a special visit to PPS in recognition of our summer instructional program.  

We have also used the summer months to improve our facilities. A new wing of classrooms and collaborative spaces will open at Princeton High School in the fall and both Littlebrook and Community Park will have new roofing when school opens in September.

We are excited to welcome students back to our schools on September 6. Please enjoy the last weeks of the summer holiday.

Joint Effort Safe Streets 2022

photo fo Dr. Kelley being honored in August

In August, Princeton Public Schools was honored by Joint Effort Safe Streets 2022. Dr. Carol Kelley, center and Dafna Kendal, President of the Board of Education, accepted awards for PPS. Leighton Newlin, right, was presented with a Lifetime Achievement award.

photo of Dr. Kelley


Mercer County Educational Specialist Visits Summer Programs

photo of Dr. Kelley and Rosario Casiano

Dr. Kelley, left, welcomes Ms. Rosario Casiano, Mercer County Educational Specialist, during a visit to Riverside School.


Summer Work: PPS Administrators

photo of Dr. Kelley with administrators


Photo of Summer Admin Team
photo of Dr. Carol Kelley




Dr. Carol Kelley
Susan McGreevy 
Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent

Superintendent's Report

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