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Recently, the Chronicle of Higher Education distributed a special edition on Innovators and 10 classroom trailblazers. While geared to higher education, it is certainly applicable to the K-12 community and some of the innovation and best practices that are underway in our district. 

Here is a listing of the 10 Classroom Trailblazers who are using fresh approaches in their classrooms to enhance student success in the classroom. 

  1. Designing an Online Science Course - With Video-Game Appeal
  2. Making Disability Less Abstract
  3. Bringing History Alive
  4. Tailoring Courses to Fit Students' Learning Styles
  5. Opening a Door to Contemplative Life
  6. Helping Students Find Their Voice and Their Power
  7. Seeing Science in Everyday Life
  8. Showing Students How an Expert's Opinion Unfolds
  9. Spreading the Word About Inquiry-Based <ath
  10. Getting Students Excited About Literature 

I would encourage everyone to take the time to read these fascinating stories. Today's students, who will be tomorrow's leaders, need to be informed and challenged on ways not only to adapt to a changing world, but on ways to change the world through innovation.