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Were you identified as the finalist for a position?

Dear Candidate, 

Congratulations!  If you are receiving this letter and packet it is because you have been identified as the finalist for a position you recently interviewed for in the Princeton Public Schools.  

As a finalist, you have one interview still remaining with the Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources.  At the time of your final interview, salary, benefits, and other items will be discussed.   

However, if you are offered the position, prior to your first day, the following MUST be completed and we appreciate you starting this process now, rather than later.  Missing any of these components will delay your first day of employment.  Please send all requested documents to Maria Hernandez in the Human Resources department at the as soon as possible. 

1)      Get Fingerprinted – Attached to this letter are directions as to how to complete this process if you are a new public school employee getting this done for the first time.  Additionally, if you have been fingerprinted in the past, there are also directions as to how to get your fingerprints from the state archives.  (Note – you can ONLY get your fingerprints from the state archives if you have previously been fingerprinted for a NJ Public school.  Otherwise, follow the directions as if you were getting this done for the first time).  Please provide the HR department a copy of the receipt you receive for your online payment. 

2)      Complete and monitor your Criminal History Background Check – The directions for fingerprinting also tell you how to access this report.  Generally, it takes two weeks after you have gotten your fingerprints completed, so the sooner you get fingerprinting done, the better!  You will be able to check the status of your background check online.  However, you will not have to provide any documentation to us as we will be provided that information online as well. 

3)      Complete the "Sexual Misconduct/Child Abuse Disclosure" form(s) for every employer you have worked for over the past twenty (20) years where you were employed in a position that had direct contact with children.  Later, the Human Resources department will contact your former employers.  You just need to complete the form and return to us. 

We are excited to have you on board in Princeton!  Similarly, you can show your excitement to us by taking care of these steps as soon as possible.   

Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources