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Charges For Princeton Middle School Auditorium and Music Classrooms

All rental fees listed below are for a four-hour block of time. 

Please note:
  • Fees are based on a minimum of four hours.
  • All fees must be received at least thirty (30) days in advance of use.
  • Organizations must show proof of insurance to the Business Office.
  • A minimum of two custodians will be assigned on weekends and holidays.
  • School-based organizations, such as PTOs, may be exempt from fees.
  • Police and/or security personnel may be required at the District’s discretion.
  • Space is not guaranteed and will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis, per Board Policy 7510.
Technical information:
  • We will provide basic sound and lighting as part of the rental fee. We will also provide chairs, stands, and a podium to the extent possible.
  • Extensive technical services will incur additional technician and custodial fees. Load-in and load-out times will incur charges for custodial and technical director services.
  • Specialized technical needs must be discussed with the Stage Technician at least one (1) month before the performance. 
  • No persons will be permitted to use any PPS technical equipment without authorization by the Stage Technician and/or Supervisor of Visual and Performing Arts.
  • Any damage to PPS equipment will be billed at replacement cost.
Auditorium (436 Seats)
Non-Profit Community Organizations: $250
For-Profit Community Organizations: $1000
Drama Room (up to 50 seats)
For performance: 
Non-Profit Community Organizations: $150
Other organizations: $500
As green room or classroom: 
Non-Profit Community Organizations: $25
Other organizations: $100
Orchestra Room
Non-Profit Community Organizations: $25
Other organizations: $100
Band Room
Non-Profit Community Organizations: $25 
Other organizations:  $100
Choir Room 
Non-Profit Community Organizations: $25 
Other organizations: $100
Commons Area (lobby)
Non-Profit Community Organizations:No fee
Other organizations: No fee
(Includes cost for piano tuning) 
Non-Profit Community Organizations: $80 per piano
Other organizations: $160 per piano 
Staff Fees
Stage Technician
Non-Profit Community Organizations: $45
Other organizations: $45
Monday through Friday: 
Non-Profit Community Organizations: $30 per four-hour block prior to 7:00 PM
Non-Profit Community Organizations: $60 per hour per custodian between 7:00 - 11:00 PM 
Other organizations: $80 per hour

Weekends and holidays: 
Non-Profit Community Organizations:$60 per hour per custodian 
Other organizations: $130 per hour per custodian