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Dear Littlebrook Families, 

I hope you all found time to enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend! The big day is almost upon us! Our children, staff members, and administrators will be embarking on a new journey of learning and teaching. This will obviously be a unique start for all of us, and we will need to work together to make it a successful one. We have outstanding educators ready to take on remote learning and continue to bring the children the highest quality education.  

The teachers have been learning about Canvas, the District's new learning management system. Tomorrow will be the first full launch of Canvas as an educational platform. I ask for your flexibility and patience as we try this for the first time District-wide. If you recognize any glitches, please reach out to me or to Mr. Nick Heller, our Technology Specialist. We will be available to support you and the children throughout the school year, but especially during these days of virtual learning. Our goal is continue to grow in our proficiency with Canvas with your input.  

Prior to tomorrow morning, please make sure your children are able to log into PPS Link. This will be essential to their remote learning program. Information on how to do so, can be found here. If there are any issues with logging in, please reach out to Mr. Heller. Also, there is a student help desk within the link, but I wanted to share it in this message - 

Over the past couple of days, we have distributed devices and materials for the start of the school year. If you were unable to get your child's items, please stop by during the week and we will get you what you need. If you do not have a vehicle or means to get to the school, please send me a private email so I can make arrangements for you. 

We will focus our start on ensuring the children feel comfortable and welcomed in the remote setting. We will look to bolster their emotional, social, and academic well-being. We will build and strengthen relationships with their teachers and peers as we move through remote learning. The children are our top priority and working together, I know this school year will be successful.  

We are all looking forward to a great start of the school year! 


Luis Ramirez 

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