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September 7, 2021

Dear Littlebrook Community,

I hope you are all enjoying the last days of summer with your family and friends! We are all so excited to see the school once again filled with children eager to learn and have fun while doing so. Below, I am sharing some more detailed information about how we will help maintain a healthy environment for all of us at Littlebrook School.

In addition to the information provided, I hope you will join us at our first PTO Meeting of the year on Wednesday, September 22nd at 5PM. Our incredible PTO will send out a Zoom link for the meeting in the coming days.

We will do all we can to continue providing the safest and healthiest environment for our students and staff members.If you have any questions or concerns regarding our procedures, please feel free to email me directly at


Mr. Luis Ramirez


Social Distancing

Students and staff members will adhere to the established CDC Guidelines for social distancing, as well as those established by State and local health officials. Each grade level will line up in a designated area while maintaining 6 feet of spacing between them. We will have adult supervision to assist our younger students and to monitor the areas until it is time for our academic day to begin.


Masks, Mask Breaks

Masks will be worn by all students and staff members at Littlebrook School, indoors and outdoors. The only exceptions to this rule will be:

  • When a student is eating lunch, and
  • If a teacher gives a student a mask break.

When mask breaks are taken, students will maintain social distancing rules and will be supervised by an adult.


Breakfast, Lunch

All students will be offered a free breakfast and lunch this school year. Upon arrival, those students who wish to take a breakfast will enter the APR and grab their individually wrapped items. They will be socially distanced and supervised as they eat their breakfast in the APR. All other students will report to their designated areas to be invited into the classrooms.

Whenever possible, lunch can take place outdoors. We are expecting the delivery and setup of 6 large tents to provide cover for our staff and students. We have also received additional tables and chairs to help provide safe eating spaces outdoors.

Lunches are scheduled by grade levels. We will use the outdoor spaces, our All-Purpose Room (APR) and classroom settings for our lunches each day. Classes will be divided into two groups. One group of children from each class will remain in the classroom to eat, while the other group will go outdoors or be escorted to our APR for their lunch period. Many staff members have volunteered to monitor their children during any lunches that take place in the classrooms. This will help reduce the number of children gathering to eat at once in any single location. We have also hired additional staff members to help monitor our lunch and recess times.

When eating indoors, all students in each eating area will face the same direction and be kept socially distanced between three and six feet apart. Eating surfaces will be cleaned following each lunch period.

All students will be required to wash or sanitize their hands before eating lunch and after returning to the classrooms from their assigned recess period.

For established snack breaks, we will also split each class into two groups. One group will eat outdoors and the other in the classroom. For inclement weather days, one of the two groups will eat in the hallway. All students will be monitored and will maintain social distancing while eating.


COVID Screenings

PPS recently completed a survey to opt in for receiving State COVID-19 screening testing support to initiate a program to screen our unvaccinated students. We will await further information from the state on next steps.  In the meantime, we will continue to explore options available to initiate a testing program when COVID-19 activity levels in our local community are in the moderate to very high range.


Daily Health Screening

The daily screening tool for all students MUST be completed by 7:30 am. Failure to comply with completing the tool will result in a phone call home to pick-up your child from school. This is critical to keeping LB safe this school year!


HVAC/Air Quality Information

Last summer, Littlebrook School was equipped with AIREDALE Ventilation Systems in each classroom. Additionally, the APR received a brand-new ventilation system. This summer, our Library is having two AIREDALE Ventilation Systems installed as part of a planned renovation project.

Information on the specifications our HVAC can be found by clicking on this video link.


Photo of Principal Ramirez


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