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Littlebrook News

During the week of January 24-28, Littlebrook participated in the Great Kindness Challenge, which is an international celebration of kindness, empathy, and friendship. Students pledged to complete random acts of kindness at home and school throughout the week.

We are excited to announce that 142 Littlebrook students completed the kindness checklists and performed 1,757 acts of kindness. Littlebrook is now a kindness certified school.

Students made kindness links by writing and drawing ideas that anyone could do to spread kindness in their community. Together, Littlebrook’s kindness chain is over 30 feet long and is now proudly displayed in the hallway. Congratulations, Littlebrook!

Mrs. Walters, School Counselor with Mrs. O'Donnell's Kindergarten Class,
holding the Kindness Chain, below.

Photo of Littlebrook students participating in kindness challenge

The Littlebrook Kindness Chain is over 30 feet long!

Photo of Mrs. Walters with Kindness Chain

Kindness Chain

Photo of Littlebrook Kindness chain