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In recent months, an amazing 100 letters have been exchanged between Littlebrook fourth graders and their GrandPals.

In 1997 a partnership was formed between students at Littlebrook School and seniors in the community through Princeton Senior Resource Center called GrandPals.  

Every year since then kindergarten students were paired with volunteers who came weekly to the Littlebrook Library to share a love of reading.  It has been one of our most beloved programs and has spread to all four elementary schools in the district.  

When the pandemic hit in 2020, Littlebrook GrandPals had to stop meeting in person. Those restrictions are still in place two years later. 

Now that children are back in school, Mrs. Cross and the fourth grade team wanted to find a new way to encourage intergenerational sharing so they started a letter writing program with the fourth graders at Littlebrook and the GrandPals volunteers who are still at home. To date, approximately 100 letters have been exchanged!

 Littlebrook hopes hope to continue this even after the in-person program between kindergarteners and seniors resumes.

For now, these GrandPal PenPals are on their way to forging lifelong relationships. Thank you to Mrs. Cross, Mrs. Koslowski, Mrs. Greenberg, Mr. McKenna, Mrs. DeSapio, and to Wendy Lodge GrandPals Coordinator at the Princeton Senior Resource Center.

photo of Littlebrook letters
Photo of GrandPals Letters at LB



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