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A very large weather system of rain and wind is approaching Princeton on Thursday and Friday this week. The forecast is calling for heavy rain at our peak times of arrival and dismissal.

This is simply to serve as a reminder of care and caution when dropping off your child or picking them up from JP. We will screen our students as quickly as possible so that they can get in the building safely. My concern is for dismissal. For Thursday and Friday, we are going to release all of our bus riders from class first. We are going to load our bus riders on the buses first and we are going to move the buses along quickly.

This will open up our bus lane. Please feel free to use the bus lane for dismissal pick-up AFTER the buses have been released. This will give us three lanes to ensure students can access their car as quickly as possible. Please also be sure to post your child's name in your car window.

This is extremely helpful in identifying cars and matching them with their student(s). Our car riders will be released from the Gym and will be walked to their car. Please be patient. The weather poses a challenge to a quick process. Thank you so much!

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