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On Thu. and Fri., Apr. 25th and 26th, JP third graders presented the Princeton History Museum, featuring exhibits on Princeton's education, communication, and transportation systems and town development.  Pictured here, students in Tiffany Worden's class designed a train car resembling those used in 1865.  Pupils then printed the train using 3D printing technology, supervised by JP science-support teacher, Lora Hobart.  Also pictured is a visual examination of Princeton's community.

This project was part of a history residency supported by the JP P.T.O.  Princeton Historical Society historians and curators worked with JP’s third-grade teachers Donna Eisenacher, Alison Lepard, and Ms. Worden.  Of course, this may have been an easy lift for the Society’s executive director, Isabel Kasdin, as she was “Izzy” when she was a JP pupil years ago.

3-D Printed Train
Bulletin Board Presentation


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